Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Martial Arts and Me

Yesterday morning I was watching 'Motivasi Pagi' on TV3, and there was Dr Azizi (if I'm not mistaken... short term memory not that good, huhu) giving talk. What had attract me to listen is that the man had learn many martial arts worth mention, so his opinions should be worth to listen too. As someone who obsessed with MA, I sat and listen about what he will talk about martial arts and self-motivation.

He has some very great points which I can't agree more with. Although he sound a lil' nervous (maybe coz of camera fright, maybe...), but he did have some great points about martial arts and how it's training and practice help in building a character. One of the most notable was when he's been asked by the programme host about what or where did lies the 'art' of martial arts. His answer do sum it all!

I've wrote before in this humble blog of mine about what is art in martial arts on my own POV, but I do leave some room of explanation that can only be describe by those who really involve in MA. That is what Dr Azizi had came across when discussing about the 'art' on the show. He said that  art is something not viewable (is that a word?) on naked eyes. (Seni in BM would mean something very small, halus...) So do art in martial arts is really something you can't just show or explain. It's the sensation of practicing it, and executing the techniques and discipline and make it as 'a way of life', then will you ever understand the value of it's art!

It's not entirely about breaking limbs, fancy techniques, giving a fear factor to one opponents and many other myths that you might get from a concept of Martial Arts. It's the philosophy behind it, the very need of learning to master an oneself, and respect other is the true meaning of the 'Arts'

If one couldn't yet master this and understand this, one can't firmly claim to be a martial artist!



There are 100 days more to go before this year World Cup Bafana Bafana!

Insya-Allah, given some free times, I will come up with some preview, prediction and insight about teams and this year competition. Mind you that it isn't something I taken from pro pundits, ex-players or coach, it just something suka-suka-hati-aku-sajer, huhuhu...

Speaking about 100, Old Trafford, the very home ground for mighty 'Red Devils' Manchester United had reach a century of age last week... Since I have a sensational of 'jiwa kacau' some time last week, I couldn't brought myself to wrote about it, but be free to look up about it on Manchester United official websites!

Again, speaking about Manchester United, we won again! Yeah, the Carling Cup... It's nothing much, just to fill up the trophy cabinets of ours (rumour has it that United had to buy some Arsenal and Liverpool unused Trophy's cabinet to put this cup in =D), but at least we can say that we won a first trophy this year... hehe

T/t: It's not just another football tournament... It's a fever!!

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