Monday, March 8, 2010

Chain of Events, Part 1: Lanjutkan Usia Al-Sultan Kami...

I'm taking a break from writing a preview for World Cup South Africa 2010 (as if there were anyone who actually read it). Fear not as there are so many topics yet to be disscussed "D...

Last week were a very busy week as events was concern... Too many things happen in short period of time. Might as well talk about it a little for one or two posts here!

Last Thursday, Sultan Ismail Petra Almarhum Sultan Yahya Petra of Kelantan had come back to Kelantan after months of treatment in Singapore. After the royal family had making the headlines for all the wrong reasons for some months already after his majesty fall extremely sick, the news of his return was the only good news for the rakyat since then... (Well, maybe not all agreed, but I keep myself to the positive side and note, to avoid any unnecessary controversy on my side, huhu...)

Many controversies had lead the royal family of Kelantan for past few months especially involving the two princes that at times I do think we are more like the British royal family already... (ya know, they had too many controversies and stuff). Well, many didn't know or notice that, despite popular belief that Kelantan is 'Serambi Mekah', we do have another title of our own... 'Serambi UK'!!

Do not believe me? Well, apart of the royal family stories, we do have many places name that had a relationship with places name in UK as follow:

  • Lundang - London
  • Kota Bharu - Newcastle
  • Kubang Kerian - Kerian Pool (as in Liverpool or Blackpool or any other 'pool' that are scattered around UK "D)
  • Manek Urai -Man U
See what I mean??

Well, go back to my main story. If you had read the newspaper, I think you would've stumble upon the news of his majesty return. Many people were there to welcome him back at the airport. What took my attention was a picture  with people wearing t-shirts that write "Daulat Tuanku" on it... I think that was very unique and great way to show loyalty to the his majesty, but I wonder why did it print with blue in colour? Why not yellow?

Then I thought, maybe it's 'daulat' thingy, you know, that rakyat shouldn't wear yellow in the presence of royals, but then I also thought, since the Royals always wear blue for an official event, it might as well suits the Royal by wearing blue? well I don't really know... I mean, blue is not really a 'shining' colour and can't attract people very well despite say, yellow or red. After all, Kelantan's flag is red, and our football team do wear red's jersey... I think red will do the job better, but again, maybe it has something to do with Chinese believe about red to associate with dying (am I right? Correct me if I'm wrong, huhu...). Of course it's inappropriate to then wearing something associate with dead to welcome a sick person, is it? Let alone the person is your country leader...

Well, forget about the t-shirt. If I know anywhere selling the shirt prior to the return of his majesty, I would grab it one for myself...

Now, to something else related, on the way to (routinely) took my sisters from school on the Thursday afternoon, I stumble upon a van on the road. What unique about it? It's show on the picture below I took during waiting the traffic light colour to change...


I do wishing his majesty well... Daulat tuanku!

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