Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Have you ever wonder, why you are here?

Why are you at where you are now, at this exact location, at this exact moment. What are you supposed to influence to? What sort of chain-of-events will you triggered, by simply being there?

Everything happens for a reason, or at least we tend to believe so. But what is the reason? And is it significance enough, - when, after all being said and done - compared to the vast size of our universe?

Are we just a speck of life? Because universe is vast? What if, we are really alone in this Universe. Wasn't now we become the only one that matter?

And then, it came to the first question again; why am I here? What was I supposed to do here, at this exact location, and at this exact moment?

Everybody probably going through life believing that they are the main character of their own stories. But what if our lives turn out to be the exact opposite?

The fact is, my life probably was never about me. My fights were always for someone or something else. My action is for a greater purposes that won't even serve me back. My position is to serve others so that they can serve better. I am the supportive actor for the supportive actors and actresses . They themselves probably will never be at the center stage, but I probably never being out of their shadows at all...

Is the reason I am here, at this exact location and at this exact moment is to influence something even bigger, that I can't even see it yet? Is it by this writing?

Or is it really for nothing? An exercise in futile. A speck of dust in even a less-significance speck of dust?

Man, that would be hell...

T/t: Tears me open. I believe, God will send you all to bleed. God will send you all to tear me open...