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Road To South Africa 2010: Stadiums and Venue's Cities

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Ellis Park Stadium

Built in 1928 specifically for rugby, and be demolished and rebuilt in 1982 again for rugby. Named after the Johannesburg city councilor who approved the used of the land for the stadium. Make some minor upgrade exclusively for World Cup 2010, has a gross capacity of 61, 639 seats. 

Where did you saw it before?:  

2009 Confederation final between Brazil and USA, 
Celebration for South Africa 1995 Rugby World Cup winning team, 
Home for Orlando Pirates FC

Where will you see it in SA 2010: Match 3 (ARG vs NIG), Match 14 (BRZ vs N. KOR), Match 22 (SVN vs USA), Match 32 (SPN vs HDR), Match 41 (SVK vs ITA), Match 54 (Round of 16), Match 60 (Q-Final)

The ground's design is inspired by the iconic African pot known as the calabash, and its aesthetic appeal will be heightened when the stadium is lit at night. The original stadium, built in 1987, was known as the FNB Stadium with a capacity of 80,000. Upgrades involved extending the upper tier to increase the capacity to 94,700; adding 99 more suites to bring the number to 184; constructing an encircling roof; adding new changing room facilities and installing new floodlighting.

Where did you saw it before?:  

First mass rally of Nelson Mandela after his release from prison in 1990,
Mourners lamented Chris Hani's assassination at the stadium in 1993,
1996 CAF African Cup of Nations final, South Africa eventually triumphing 2-0 over Tunisia.

Where will you see it in SA 2010: Opening Match (SA vs MEX), Match 9 (NED vs DEN), Match 20 (ARG vs S. KOR), Match 29 (BRZ vs IVC), Match 39 (GHA vs GER), Match 52 (Round of 16), Match 58 (Q-Final), Match 64 (Final)


Green Point Stadium

A new multi-purpose stadium that has been partly built on land that was previously used as a golf course. It's also going to be used to stage major events and concerts. It  has a capacity of 70,000 and complete in December 2009. 

Where did you saw it before?:

None. New built Stadium

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 2 (URU vs FRA), Match 11 (ITA vs PAR), Match 23 (ENG vs ALG), Match 30 (POR vs N. KOR), Match 44 (CMR vs NED), Match 56 (Round of 16), Match 59 (Q-Final), Match 61 (S-Final) 


Nelson Mendela Bay/ Port Elizabeth Stadium

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, set on the shores of the North End Lake is the first football dedicated stadium in the city or surrounding areas. It has an eye-catching, unique roof-structure and a spectacular view, overlooking the North End Lake. Before the stadium was build, all international football matches were played on Eastern Province rugby stadium, the EPRU Stadium.

Where did you saw it before?: 

Coveted Soweto Derby between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs (brand new stadium)

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 4 (S. KOR vs GRE), Match 13 (IVC vs POR), Match 21 (GER vs SRB), Match 31 (CHI vs SWZ), Match 37 (SVN vs ENG), Match 49 (Round of 16), Match 57 (Q-Final), Match 63 (Third Place Decider)


Durban Stadium:

its design inspired from the South African flag, with its grand arch representing the unity of this sport-loving nation. The two legs of the arch on the southern side of the stadium come together to form a single footing on the northern side, symbolizing the new unity of a once-divided country. The 70,000-seater has been specifically designed as a multi-purpose venue and an amphitheatre complete with a cable car which ascends to a viewing platform at the top of the expansive 350m arch, a staggering 106m above the pitch. Each seat of the stadium is spacious and comfortable, providing a clear line of sight to the pitch.

Where did you saw it before?: 

Built on the site of the old Kings Park Stadium (brand new)

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 7 (GER vs AUS), Match 16 (ESP vs SWZ), Match 25 (NED vs JPN), Match 35 (NGA vs S. KOR), Match 45 (POR vs BRZ), Match 55 (Round of 16), Match 62 (S-Final).


Free State Stadium:

Was upgraded from a capacity of 38,000 to 45,000 during the refurbishments. Built on 1952, it has hosted numerous major football and rugby union matches. Bloemfontein's native are renowned for their passion for sport.

Where did you saw it before?:

Semi final 2009 Confederation Cup, Spain vs USA,
Home for Bloemfontein Celtic.

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 10 (JPN vs CMR), Match 19 (GRE vs NGA), Match 27 (SVK vs PAR), Match 34 (FRA vs SA), Match 48 (SWZ vs HON), Match 51 (Round of 16).


Royal Bafokeng Stadium:

Built on 1999, the stadium is named after the Bafokeng people who live in the area. Upon completion, the stadium will seat 42,000. It is 12 kilometers from the Rustenburg city centre.

Where did you saw it before?:

2001 FIFA World Cup qualifying game(SA vs Bakino Faso),
Hosted many Premier Soccer League games despite Rustenburg not having its own team.

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 5 (ENG vs USA), Match 12 (NZL vs SVK), Match 24 (GHA vs AUS), Match 33 (MEX vs URU), Match 43 (DEN vs JPN), Match 50 (Round of 16). 


Loftus Versfeld Stadium:

One of the oldest stadiums in South Africa. The stadium has been used for major sporting events since 1903, and the first concrete structure, which could accommodate only 2,000 spectators, was built by the City Council of Pretoria in 1923. Since 1948 it has undergone perennial upgrades. It has been used for both rugby and football matches. Loftus Versfeld is in the heart of Tshwane/Pretoria and currently has a seating capacity of 50,000.

Where did you saw it before?:

1995 Rugby World Cup,
1996 CAF African Cup of Nations,
Bafana Bafana first victory over Europe team, Sweden, 1-0 in 1999,
Mamelodi Sundowns and SuperSport United (football club) home ground,
Blue Bulls (country's top rugby team) home ground.

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 8 (SRB vs GHA), Match 17 (SA vs URU), Match 26 (CMR vs DEN), Match 38 (USA vs ALG), Match 47 (CHI vs ESP), Match 55 (Round of 16).


Peter Mokaba Stadium:

Peter Mokaba was born and bred in Polokwane and was renowned for his fighting spirit and for his inpirational leadership. The design of the  largely concrete structure  is inspired by the locally iconic Baobab tree and is built next to the old Peter Mokaba Stadium in the Limpopo Province. The newly-built Peter Mokaba stadium is situated approximately 5km from the city centre, with a total seating capacity of 45,000.

Where did you saw it before?:

(Brand New) The old stadium however is the place where Didier Drogba made his debut for Ivory Coast vs South Africa in a memorable and decisive CAF African Cup of Nations qualifier where the home side won it 2-1.

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 6 (ALG vs SVN), Match 18 (FRA vs MEX), Match 36 (GRE vs ARG), and Match 42 (PAR vs NZL).


Mbombela Stadium:

Literally means 'many people together in a small space' in siSwati (one of the 11 official languages in South Africa). The stadium, with a capacity of 46,000, is located in the city of Nelspruit in Mpumalanga Province.

Where did you saw it before?:

None (brand new) 

Where will you see it on SA 2010: Match 15 (HON vs CHI), Match 28 (ITA vs NZL), Match 40 (AUS vs SRB), and Match 46 (N. KOR vs IVC).

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