Friday, December 28, 2012

The World Is Ugly

And the world is ugly,
But you're beautiful to me.
Are you thinking of me,
Like I'm thinking of you?
I will say I'm sorry, though...
Though I really need to go.
I just wanted you to know...

I wanted you to know...
I wanted you to know...

I'm thinking of you
every night, every day!

-MCR 2012-

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


To me it's all the same, and though nothing gonna change, still...

...I hope someday you'll have it all!~

Monday, December 10, 2012


When you think it's not gonna be worse, usually, it does!

I thought by working on the G-lab, at least we won't be worried about the budget. Even when I first started here, that what's being reassured to me. Of course, the experience for working under the grant-based research lab make me experienced with all the tight-budget working environment, but back then, if the budget was tight, the samples ain't flowing, and we bid our time wisely. Most of the time, our superior who will aware first about the budget, therefore there was no pressure on result when the budget became tight, somehow...

But here, you can't complain, because basically nobody will hear it. You were expected to be flexible without jeopardizing the routine or the result. Add the fact that we're so far away from our own HQ, and have to be the HQ itself for the state branches! So in other words, all our problems has to be solved by ourselves most of the time, and all the problems from the branch are also considered our problems. Most of the problems being dealt was about the money!

The thing is, we're mainly be doing the samples from HQ, but we're almost being treated like a rubbish. As if  the lab result wasn't important, but it's really call for the question, why have them at the first place??

If we can't maintain our lab because of the tight budget, then why not just closed it? It will save at least half a million per year for the government on the operation cost only! They don't really used the results anyways...

I'm ranting here, I know. Not usually stuff I did, at least not on the job front on this blog! But at time I feel like being pushed to the limit! If we keep this quiet, then they will say we ain't doing a thing. If we let the higher up know, we were told to be patient and take it as it is. Still, no action taken! Can we accused the higher up for going to sleep to our request? No, because our society didn't work that way!

How can the quality be maintain when the cost is climbing up, but the budget keep getting trimmed? Nobody fight for more fair budget, even those who their samples being test by us we're almost mute on the issues, as if all the money already gone to the other project as if it was more important. But if it so, then let us free, if you don't need the lab, then, don't keep it!

I rather being jobless or try my hand at something else, than trying to keep a lab alive when everybody else trying to slay it like a dumb sheep!