Friday, December 28, 2012

The World Is Ugly

And the world is ugly,
But you're beautiful to me.
Are you thinking of me,
Like I'm thinking of you?
I will say I'm sorry, though...
Though I really need to go.
I just wanted you to know...

I wanted you to know...
I wanted you to know...

I'm thinking of you
every night, every day!

-MCR 2012-

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


To me it's all the same, and though nothing gonna change, still...

...I hope someday you'll have it all!~

Monday, December 10, 2012


When you think it's not gonna be worse, usually, it does!

I thought by working on the G-lab, at least we won't be worried about the budget. Even when I first started here, that what's being reassured to me. Of course, the experience for working under the grant-based research lab make me experienced with all the tight-budget working environment, but back then, if the budget was tight, the samples ain't flowing, and we bid our time wisely. Most of the time, our superior who will aware first about the budget, therefore there was no pressure on result when the budget became tight, somehow...

But here, you can't complain, because basically nobody will hear it. You were expected to be flexible without jeopardizing the routine or the result. Add the fact that we're so far away from our own HQ, and have to be the HQ itself for the state branches! So in other words, all our problems has to be solved by ourselves most of the time, and all the problems from the branch are also considered our problems. Most of the problems being dealt was about the money!

The thing is, we're mainly be doing the samples from HQ, but we're almost being treated like a rubbish. As if  the lab result wasn't important, but it's really call for the question, why have them at the first place??

If we can't maintain our lab because of the tight budget, then why not just closed it? It will save at least half a million per year for the government on the operation cost only! They don't really used the results anyways...

I'm ranting here, I know. Not usually stuff I did, at least not on the job front on this blog! But at time I feel like being pushed to the limit! If we keep this quiet, then they will say we ain't doing a thing. If we let the higher up know, we were told to be patient and take it as it is. Still, no action taken! Can we accused the higher up for going to sleep to our request? No, because our society didn't work that way!

How can the quality be maintain when the cost is climbing up, but the budget keep getting trimmed? Nobody fight for more fair budget, even those who their samples being test by us we're almost mute on the issues, as if all the money already gone to the other project as if it was more important. But if it so, then let us free, if you don't need the lab, then, don't keep it!

I rather being jobless or try my hand at something else, than trying to keep a lab alive when everybody else trying to slay it like a dumb sheep!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ermmm... oh! Ermmm... oh! Ermmm... oh!! OK!

"Captain America : Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you? 

Tony Stark : Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist." - The Avengers (2012)

Steve Rogers (Captain America) really should ask more, "take that off too, who are you?". The problem of being Stark is that, yes he is a genius and all, but if he wasn't a billionaire, if his father wasn't a billionaire, would he be more than just a genius? Heck, would he even be a genius??

To describe a man, it's easy to look into all the positive aspect that are obvious on the man and used it as the definition of him; Tony Stark, a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and an Iron Man. But what about the other aspect? The negative one??

Would you rather loved someone because of his goodness or because of his weakness? Yes! I would rather choose the former too...

But what if, to know the true you, you have to combine both quality, and then ask the person closed to you, do you still matter to them? What if you know the darkest secret and the weakest point of my life, would you still look at me with the same eyes?

"I would never know, myself until I do this on my own,
I would never feel anything else, until my wound was heal,
I would never being, anything till I break away from me,
I will break away, I FIND MYSELF TODAY..."

-Somewhere I Belong, Linkin Park, 2002-

So, in order to find myself today, I will write (almost) entirely about me, just to conclude the bad things and the weakest point of me, also to highlight how that all the positive things about me maybe just a mere cover up or all the negative side of it. I don't know. You (readers) can be judge of it, if you like...


My full name is *talkIZcheap - has been censored, ha-HA!* It's mean the 'Honourable Praised' or 'Kehormatan yang Terpuji' in Malay. I was born on 25th July 1985, a second child of now, 8 siblings. I have an older brother. Funny things about me is that I never have a photograph of myself under the age of 3 years old, or maybe 4. There's one photo at my house that, according to the date of the photo taken, it should be me, but it was too wide angle that nobody can recognize the face. Not even my mother!

I had a rather normal upbringing of a middle class family, I guess. Since I've been living with one family only, I think it wasn't appropriate of me to make a comparison. But like any siblings, we have our siblings rivalry, it's normal I guess. But I hate my brother. He is a very definition of a little Hitler. A dictator himself, even at times, up until now! Everybody else in my siblings hate him, even though I can be annoying at times to my little sisters and brother, nobody really hates anyone else  coz we're seldom used a brute force upon everybody, unlike my eldest brother. Over time, he develop the sense of protector towards his brothers and sisters, but man, how I used to hate him when we were younger!

Well, actually, my brother and I was two hard head and we always at each other throat, a heat argument will start whenever both of us in the same room. My mom sure had an headache about it, maybe... From the football team we support to the every public issues highlighted in the news, we're always find something to argue about. That one thing of me, a very opinionated, but like once a friend of mine stated out, I usually have a very different view from any other person. I don't know either it's bad or not. 

But now, I've learn that being opinionated wasn't really, or at least, always a good thing. I've learn now to keep my opinion to myself, unless asked. Why? well, it's the reason of why this blog was created at the first place; opinion: it's only matter to the person who have it!

Well, where were we?

Ok, next, 

I start going to the kindergarten since I was 4 if I'm not mistaken. Actually, I've got two kindergarten for all my memory could possibly store of. One is an English oriented kindergarten where I went to with my cousins and my brother. Wait a minute, I've also went to another Malay oriented kindergarten, near the school my dad used to teach, but when was it? Damn! It's all got mixed up in my brain!

But really, nothing really good happen from kindergarten. When I enrolled to the primary school, some of the children talked about how they took exam at kindergarten and how did they scored. But I have no memory of sitting an exam during my kindergarten years. There were occasionally quiz about how to pronounce the English words at my first kindergarten, but I'm not that good in English, so, what did I do was to memorize what other student said before, and hope that I get the easiest of all the words... I get lucky often, then!

Been to the English kindergarten has it's advantage in primary school, especially when English subject wasn't introduced until after the second semester. But like I stated above, I wasn't really good at English, it just I'm more familiar with the words and know how to used dictionary before any other kids. Oh, I also went to the same school with my brother and my cousin (who is at the same age with my bro, really a good friend, them both...). Having been able to understand the teacher words, it's quite easy to be popular in your classroom. Well, by being popular, I do mean popular when the exam is near, but it's all count...

Having know the alphabet before starting school, I, however, did not learn how to read until Standard One. But being on quite 'Kampung' school, it's easy to stand out than the rest. You can say I was an 'A' student all the way back then. In fact, there's only 6 of us who scored straight A's back then in UPSR, and I'm one of them. Something I'm ashamed of since my bro batch got like 12 persons who scored straight A's, and was like a school record back then!

I always think that I'm superior than my bro (sibling's rivalry) on education front. I also believe my batch is superior, at least my classmates were! The result quite disappointed us, mainly because there were so many straight A's candidate who fall short on one subject... Something that somehow miraculously happen again during my SPM (I'm one of them, this time!)

What can I say about my primary school?

Like I said, I was a straight A's student, really nerd kind of boy without glasses of course. Because of my so-called 'better English' than anyone else, I've been chosen to play part in an English Play for the school with some other mates. I only know one of them who is sitting next to me in my class. The rest were from the other classes. I don't even remember what the play was about, but I've got one line, which is, "He has a gun!" and has to act like as if someone was holding a shot-gun. Our character is wild animals in the jungle and if my memory didn't betray me, I've played a rabbit (as wild as it can be!!).

But that wasn't a good part of it. The good part is, or was, the narrator for the story is a very cute girl! Someone who honestly I know would never has a chance to meet, let alone know if it wasn't for the play. And, yes, this isn't even a half of the good part of the story yet! The best part of this whole experience was how she, on every time we met, either at the canteen or on the side-walk outside the classroom, she will point at me in a stunt of a man holding a gun and repeat my dialogue, "He has a gun" back to me! I think that was my first crush, or maybe my 5th crush considering all the crush I had during my kindergarten... Yes, I am that easy!

I never met her again after Standard One, I don't even get her name...

I love football! 

I love it since the first time I've kick a ball which was at 5 years old. Only my bro and  me (my little bro just came at that time, age 1), kicking the ball at the drive-way, using dad car as the goal post. Our cousin will join us occasionally. Since my parent working and only come back after 5 pm, and my bro and I went to the same kindergarten as my cuz, so after school end, we'll all go back to my cuz home. There, around 5 pm, while waiting for our parent to pick us up, we will play 3-men football on my cuz driveway. Sometimes his much smaller neighbor joined us. The rule is simple, whoever scored will have to be a goalkeeper. My cuz was the better goalkeeper than the rest of us, so whenever he scored, we know it will be hard to get even. Some boys kicking the ball around, happy time!

At my primary school, the passion wasn't over. When the World Cup 1994 was held at United States, I was in Standard 3. At that time, Kelantan football was at their top too, challenging for a place in Malaysian Cup semis but came short of Kedah team. During those period, my best mate and I decided to make a football team of our own. At that time, my class got about 40 pupils including girls. Boys were about half of it. So we had plenty 'ammunition' to play football. So, I've became a captain of one team and my friend another. We even make a captain armband from a piece of a paper and would wear it proudly during Physical Education (PJ) time (Captain Tsubasa/The Kickers is really popular at this time). It was fun, it was chaos! One field shared with all level of students, with all kind of sports. We don't care who field did we cross, as long as there's a ball, and there's a goal! Ah... happy time!

If my school held a football team trial during my time there, I for sure will go for it, but there never was one. My senior got to build a hockey team, and from what I've heard, they were quite awesome in Kota Bharu district. Somehow our batch didn't get a chance to play a team sport to represent the school... 

But when I was at the standard 6, I've got a chance to play for the chess team (I was among a good chess player too since standard 4, hehe, small school, wasn't it?). But, while the teacher take all of our name, we're never been send to play for the tournament. From what I've heard, the tournament was cancel, but later on, I heard a rumors saying that they never really intended to sent us anyways. My unofficial less-than-semi-pro football career came to the halt at Standard 6, because somehow the school think it was cool to stop all PJ class and substitutes it with math instead. I never thought that sport ever hinder my result in class, but then, at that time, there were still no research about how good sport is to the brain and intellectual development. At this time also I've stop playing football at my cuz house since he went to a boarding school (MRSM) when he enrolled to the Secondary School... 

The National football's scene also hit a major setback at the same years, with news about players who take bribery was all over the news. Somehow, around that period, I remembered that Kelantan's fan has been banned from attending matchday at the stadium because of a riot happen before that had caused the fence between fans row and the field collapsed. 

It took me about a year later to kick a ball again in my life (in a very unfashionable ways possible!)!

What else happen during my primary school years? I was never popular outside my own classroom, but a very one inside it! I was known as 'answers provider', wasn't something you should be proud of, but as a kid, you take it as it came. There was one time I missed school for the whole exam's week because of flu (my bro too), and as a result, my cumulative point for that month was '0'. To make matter worst, I can only regain my points after two month since the next month after the very exam that I've missed had no exam. I was, for the first time in my life, been put on the last row of the class. But my teacher class was really an understanding person. He gave me a spot IN FRONT OF the number 1 students in the class, thus make me a number '0' student in the class, as if I am better than my friend who got first, he he.... But for other periods, I have to go back to be the number 48, HA!

When I think about it back, it's actually wasn't that bad, being last... I've got to know the other side of my friends. You see, I befriended all of my classmates, maybe not so much with the girls, but being a front-row student, at times you don't know how the back-row student struggling with their education. Being on the same level as them make me able to help them with their homework and so on. Sometimes you just have to pity them. It's not like they're asking to be slower, and it's not like they didn't work hard to improved too... Maybe because they're just kids, and at that time, don't really get what's an environment as student life is all about... Not saying that I know at that time, but at least when you have a better educated family background, you were told when to do your homework and when to watch the TV. You also had less problem to go to school than those who maybe had to help their parent with business or taking care of their younger siblings...

During my primary school, I never hold any duty as an officer of the students (Prefect or any kind of it) except once during my standard 6, which was given due the realization that I never once hold ANY job. My cuz was the Headboy for my school and my bro was also a Prefect. I've only been appointed because apparently, I'm the only one student left that the teacher trusted and had yet no duty of such. But soon, I will forget about being one. The only momento I've own to proved I am the class leader is the neck-tie that was distributed to all class leaders. The neck-ties were actually the old prefect neck-tie, so we, the class leaders were rarely wear it except during the assembly and any other formal school occasion. Everybody was ashamed of wearing it, really, except for the juniors... 

The thing is, the class leaders jobs were, among other, is to make sure that every member of the class go and do their duty to keep an area, which was assigned to each and every class, clean before the first period bell's ring. Also to bring the attendance book for the teacher to mark it. Since I almost every day late to school when I'm in Standard 6, because my sister, who went to Girl School near the area that was always jammed, decided it best to sleep up until 7.20 am every morning than to prepare for school, I was almost never did all the jobs required (except went to the office to get a new box of chalk when it's running out). All the duties was done by my assistant. She's very good at it too!

During the last week of my primary school, I've skipped about two days of school for a reason I don't remember it anymore now, which by one of that day, had been held a photograph session for all the class leaders of the year. I was absent, and my assistant, as usual, duly took over my duty and get her picture photograph for annual Class Leaders photo.... 

Story of My Life! (Well, she deserved it...)

-to be continued-

T/t: TL? DR? IDC!!! (Too Long? Don't Read?? I Don't Care!!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh... Oh... November hampir habis!! Cepat post satu entri baru!!

"How Malaysian Football wrote it's own graffiti on it's gravestone just after it resurrected like Phoenix - Story of the irony of Malaysian Football"

Nantikan kemunculan entri ini dalam masa terdekat...

Ok, thanks, bye!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Keep Calm and Win the Treble!

Take a bow, for the best supporters of the best team in Malaysia!!!

T/t: Welcome to Kota Bharu, the Malaysian Capital of Trophies... :p

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reason to smile

I forgot to update this blog recently, although 'forgot' here being used rather cheaply...

I also forgot today is Thursday, meaning that we have - or rather, can - wear Batik to work. I prefer wearing Batik mainly because you don't need to tuck it in your pants, it's like save me about 30 seconds or so in the morning...

I also forgot my wallet today!

T/t: hey, at least the weather is nice and my punch card wasn't red! :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Best Advice of My Life

There's a wise man, of centuries old. He's seen things that we never heard of, he mention people we never know alive, he tell stories, sometimes even stranger than fiction. He's done it all, according to him. People respect him as the elderly. People seek advice from him, often. He didn't speak much, but those little words always caught the mind of the youngsters. He has a battle scar to show. He said he fought in two battles of which I never heard of too. But his wife seems to disagree. According to her, it was a cut from the knife when he tries to help her with the onions back when they were young.

"Women! What did they know?" he mumbled, almost to himself. I nod agreeably, even though I never live with a woman, except my mother and little sisters.

I went to a long journey one day. With him. On the long path on the side-walk. At the end of it is a bright shining light. Everyone else has go there, a place they deems to bring happiness to oneself. I don't really know the truth of it nor do I really care. I'm embark the journey as if there's nothing else that I can really do otherwise. So, I follow suit later on, and the old man couldn't stop talking. Maybe it's because of the journey itself which was quite boring. He talked, and I nodded. I rarely interrupt his moment, at times making notes in my mind when random advice being pouring on from a generation to his next...

And then, he said, for what has been, the best advice in my life! He said;

"Always check the water first when you're in the public restroom!"

I always remember his words. Every time I was in public restroom, it almost became a ritual of which I followed religiously. And in my heart I know he was right, the wise man of centuries old. And from that moment on, my life has never been miserable ever again!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank You For The Venom!

Demi tidak menunjukkan bahawa blog ini sudah mati ataupun aku terlupa password atau apa-apa saje spekulasi yang lain...

Sister, I'm not much a poet, but a criminal

And you never had a chance

Love it, or leave it, you can't understand

A pretty face, but you do so carry on,

and on,

and on

I wouldn't front the scene if you paid me

I'm just the way that the doctor made me, on,

and on,

and on,

and on

Love is the red the rose on your coffin door

What's life like, bleeding on the floor,

the floor,

the floor?

You'll never make me leave

I wear this on my sleeve

Give me a reason to believe

So give me all your poison

And give me all your pills

And give me all your hopeless hearts

And make me ill

You're running after something

That you'll never kill

If this is what you want

Then fire at will!

Preach all you want but who's gonna save me?

I keep a gun on the book you gave me

Hallelujah, lock and load!

Black is the kiss, the touch of the serpent son

It ain't the mark or the scar that makes you one,

and one,

and one,

and one

You'll never make me leave

[From: ]

I wear this on my sleeve

Give me a reason to believe

So give me all your poison

And give me all your pills

And give me all your hopeless hearts

And make me ill

You're running after something

That you'll never kill

If this is what you want

Then fire at will!

You'll never make me leave

I wear this on my sleeve

You wanna follow something?

Give me a better cause to lead

Just give me what I need

Give me a reason to believe

So give me all your poison

And give me all your pills

And give me all your hopeless hearts

And make me ill

You're running after something

That you'll never kill

If this is what you want

Then fire at will

So give me all your poison (Fire at will!)

And give me all your pills

And give me all your hopeless hearts (Fire at will!)

And make me ill

You're running after something (Fire at will!)

That you'll never kill

If this is what you want (Fire at will!)

Then fire at will!

T/t: !Trash talk! will resume as usual after this commercial...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Untukmu Ibu...

Dedicated to my aunt who we called 'Ibu'

It's been a full week without you now, and the feeling just felt void.

So many words to say but maybe only silence that I can choose at the time.

But I remember this from a song, that may just suit us...

"The truth about this life is that we are all in it together! 

That's what you said to me in all your pictures and your letters, 
Somehow I believe, you made me better,
In my heart I know, you're gonna live forever...

Now you're gone,
We all miss you...
Listen to this song,
You're alive in everyone
Are you smiling down?
Are you still singing?
Were you with us all along?
Do you like what we've become?"

Bu, I can be tough, I can be strong, but without you...

T/t: they said that tears is only for the strong, well... Maybe I'm just not strong enough.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Robin is a Red!

Who needs Batman?

When you have Rooney, and Berba, and Chicha, and Welbeck, and Tony V, and Giggsy, and Nani, and Cleverley, and Carrick?? : p

T/t: the last Dutch striker Man United had had scored 150 goals in 220 appearances, he goes by the name RuuuuuD!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Usain Bolt is a Red!

Congratz to both Bolt and Alex Morgan for winning the gold medal in their respective fields (100m, 200m sprint and Women Football respectively)!! Bolt's been the first to defend the 200m Gold in two competition running...

Once a Red, always a winner!

T/t: Congratz to Pandalela too for bringing home the Bronze, the first medal for Malaysia from pool events! I think she's a Red too! :p

Meanwhile, in Catalunya...

Justin Bieber is having a good time :p

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alex Morgan is a Red!

Fergie, Fergie!! Sign Her Up!!

United fan Alex Morgan scores a last minute winner in extra time at Old Trafford, sending USA ladies into the Olympic final (USA 4-3 Canada AET).

Monday, August 6, 2012

Breaking News: Lee Chong Wei tidak menang Emas bagi menyelamatkan rakyat Malaysia!

London, 6 Ogos -- Pemain badminton no. 2 dunia, Datuk Lee Chong Wei hari ini mengakui yang beliau kecewa apabila gagal meraih pingat emas Olimpik negara, namun terharu dgn sokongan tidak *koff* berbelah bahagi  rakyat Malaysia kepadanya. Sehubungan dengan itu, beliau mengambil keputusan untuk 'sengaja' kalah!

"Saya dengar Baskin Robin akan memberikan aiskrim percuma jika saya menang. Sudahlah rakyat Malaysia terkenal dgn penyakit obesiti, diabetis-siti, dan Mencester-sitinya, masih ada hati lagi nak makan aiskrim banyak-banyak? Free pula tu!" ujar Lee apabila ditanya.

"Sehubungan dengan itu, haruslah saya selaku atlet dan warganegara yang bertanggung jawab 'menyelamatkan' mereka semua ini dari kancah obesiti dan diabetis. Bak kata Uncle Ben Spiderman, with great power, come hot chicks great responsibilities!" ujar beliau lagi.

"Aku penat-penat main, korang yang dapat aiskrim free, mana aci!" katanya lsgi.

Ditanya mengenai perancangannya selepas menggantung raket, anak kelahiran Pulau Pinang ini menyatakan hasratnya bagi meneruskan hidup di Kota London.

"Di kesempatan Olimpik London ini juga, sebenarnya saya sudah plan untuk terus tinggal di sini sahaja. Rumah sudah beli, dan kebetulan boleh datang sini naik kapal terbang free dengan duit pembayar cukai, maka senanglah saya (Ingat korang je suka benda free??)."

"Di England, privasi saya akan lebih terjamin kerana saya tidaklah sebegitu popular di sini. Tiada mana-mana Wanita Pertama yang akan memeluk mahupun mengganggu saya di sini." ujar penyandang juara All-England tersebut.

"Saya bercadang membuka akademi badminton di England. Seperti yang kita sedia tahu, England adalah pengasas sukan Badminton, tapi mainnya, Ya Allah, bengap nak mamp**! Cuba bayangkan kalau mereka dapat berlatih di bawah bimbingan 'former World No. 1', sudah tentu ia akan memberikan publisiti dan promosi yang baik. Peluang bisnes mcam ni, bodohlah kalau saya tidak 'smash'!" ujar beliau dalam nada berseloroh.

"Balik Malaysia pun, kena ikut telunjuk BAM, buat apa?" ujarnya lagi, serius. - Pewters

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Happy 10th Dan's Anniversary

On this day 10 years ago, mark the day I received my 1st Dan full dubok/uniform thus make me an official Dan's holder. A very historical event on my life, beating almost every other events that ever happen to me to date. Yes, including the day I was born (which is on the same date) and most probably the day I fall in love and the day I die (which both still not happening yet).

Looking back for the past 10 years, for all of it on-and-off 'relationship' with Taekwondo. Off mostly due to no training center that I can join, most notably during my matriculation year (which lasted 10 months) and my after-graduated year...

After 10 long years, I am now a proud holder of 3rd Dan (and still counting!), something I guess not many people would ever think that I can manage it. Even before I started it, there was doubt over me. I was deemed never good enough! I was laughed at, told that I will never even have hope to pass my first white belt grading! That I was clueless, not athletic enough to ever graced this art and sport...

They never let me be. The criticism never stop. The trashtalk upon my ability was something continuous. My physic give away some sort of body language that this is not my field. My ability is something that always be in doubt! The naysayers never stop!

I proved them wrong, over and over again. They can't never stop me, nothing will except God Himself!

To even started the journey as a Taekwondoist isn't something simple. It almost ended without even started. I guess it almost true to everyone, but to think back, if it wasn't for circumstances, I wouldn't even think of myself learning any martial art, let alone Taekwondo! That's how funny life can be. We can sometimes dying to get something we want, but could never get, and easily get something that we didn't wanted.

But sometimes, we were tested to something that we thought we didn't want, but somehow now, couldn't live without...

Now, does the haters fade away?

Some of them yes, but the doubters stay. Every now and then I received some of the backlash, a mockery upon something I do and very love to do it. I had endured worse, but most probably the worst part was that nobody would believe me of what I ever achieved in this field. To their defense though, my achievement isn't something that worth to be called up upon, and I am very much a lone fighter. Those who knows me without dubok mostly aren't the one who know me with it. Thus the gap...

But thank you for all of them cause their hates and their doubts are something that kept me going, get me stronger! One more word of your mockery is another reason for me to get better in it!

For what ever will happens in the future and for what had happened before, for what I care is, if I ever meet my doubters again, I would say it out loud clear and proudly,

"Hey, I'm still standing!"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'll Be Gone

Could easily be the Linkin Park next biggest hits!



When the lights go out and we open our eyes,
Out there in the silence,

I'll be gone...

Coz I'm only here so that I can be gone somewhere else,

So that I'll be never missed,
Coz the only thing I hoped for is,
For the world not to expect any thing from me,

Friday, June 29, 2012

Does It Need a Title?

Art is not for the current generation to indulged, it's for the next generation to bemused...

If it is for the current generation to indulged, we call it pop!

T/t: I don't even know how it related to the clip's below, maybe it doesn't, however, enjoy it...


Friday, June 22, 2012

Trashtalk II

It's getting harder to write in here. The thing is I always either come in short with ideas or short on time. To tell you the truth, I always thinking of something to be shared here, sometimes spontaneous but most of the time composed, but then I realized I couldn't really put an end of it. I'm lacking a good finishing and sometimes just couldn't find any conclusion at all. Therefore I risk to end my every post in the hanging.

Just like this post!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Environmentalist vs Geneticist

I always impress, almost amazed on how the environmentalist always wanted and asked us to protect the environment for the future generation. Actually, where did they got their confident that this thing can really be done. But I guess, the bigger question would be, is it really matter??

As a geneticist graduated (at least), I believe that humankind will evolve and somehow adapt with whatever the environmental changes and challenges, even though the challenge is something human being exposed on to themselves! They should rises above the occasion and hardness to claim the right to be the ultimate being on earth.

And if we can't do that, then we're simply doesn't deserve the world anymore and should become extinct for failing to do just that (to evolve). Just like the dinosaurs before us, we'll become a history and fossils for the next ultimate being to study about us.

So, again, do we really need to save the world when what we really need is actually to adapt with the new surroundings? Does it really matter to save a little bit of energy and avoid a little bit of waste just so that the earth get a little bit of breathing space just for the rich and whoever who already destroying the world get all the money and fun from it to continue to get just that for a bit longer? For whatever sacrifice did the environmentalist has done and will do, does it really for the benefit of the more-appreciate future generation, or for the next generation to still have something to destroy to?

I think we should let the world be. If we deserved the world, than we'll evolved for sure. If we doesn't, then I rather we 'go out' big rather than sacrificing all the potential and still facing the end of world anyways...

So, stop asking me to stop using the plastic bag, because I'm gonna enjoy myself to one of the most excellent invention in human long history of civilization!!

Have a good day, lads.

Friday, May 25, 2012

These Are The Places That I Can Feel...

These are the places that I can feel, torn from my body, my flesh it peels. During this ride we can cut up what we like. Waiting alone I cannot resist, feeling this hate i have never missed. Please someone give me a reason to peel off my face

Blood it is pouring
Blood it is pouring
Blood it is pouring
Blood it is pouring

Shut up when I'm talking to you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Talents Are Not Meant To Be Shared...

Semalam aku dapat berita mengenai kereta kepada kawan kepada kawan kepada kawan aku hilang dekat Warta, Bangi... Giler lah, bahaya betul! Jaga-jaga semua kereta masing-masing, kadang-kadang kunci je tak cukup, ye tak?

Secara peribadi, aku letakkan black belt aku kat seat belakang sebagai salah satu sistem sekuriti tambahan, harap-harap pencuri boleh fikir 2,3 kali lah sebelum buat apa-apa...


Monday, May 14, 2012

Breaking News: Sir Alex Mendedahkan Kenapa Man Utd 'Gagal' Memenangi Sebarang Piala Musim Ini.

Pengurus Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson hari ini mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar mengenai faktor-faktor Man Utd TIDAK MAHU memenangi sebarang piala tahun ini. Beliau dipetik berkata, "Seperti umum sedia maklum, Sheikh Mansoor di Manchester City telah membeli sebiji rak piala yang baru dan saya dengar agak luas dan tidak berhabuk. Sistem sekuritinya juga adalah tip top!"

Beliau menambah lagi, "Pada awal musim lalu, Man Utd telah melakukan pembelian beberapa pemain bagi mengisi posisi yang ditinggalkan beberapa pemain yang telah bersara seperti Van De Sar, Gary Neville dan Paul Scholes (yang akhirnya keluar dari persaraan). Disebabkan Glazer yang bangang, selepas melakukan pembelian ini, dia tidak meluluskan permohonan saya untuk membeli kabinet piala yang baru. Katanya perlu ada 'tempoh bertenang' untuk setiap pembelian..."

"Kabinet Piala yang lama sudah terlalu penuh, dan walaupun dijaga rapi, saya risau kabinet itu tidak mampu bertahan untuk sedekad lagi piala-piala yang bakal dimenangi MU. Untuk itu, setelah melakukan perbincangan dengan Michael Owen dan Dimitar, kami bersetuju untuk menyimpan dahulu piala-piala musim ini di beberapa tempat terpilih yang mempunyai ruang lebihan serta sekuriti kabinet piala yang tinggi seperti London (Piala FA), City of Manchester (EPL) serta Munich (Champions League). Sistem sekuriti yang tinggi adalah penting kerana ia diperlukan bagi menjaga Piala-Piala ini sehingga kabinet baru yang ditempah khas siap menjelang musim depan..."

Ditanya mengenai Piala Liga Carling pula, SAF dipetik berkata, "Setelah sekian lama peminat Liverpool menggelarkan piala tersebut dengan nama piala Mickey Mouse, saya kira mereka patut menyimpannya kerana tak silap saya di sana akan diadakan satu lagi Disney Land... Mungkin Mickey Mouse mahu melihat pialanya di situ..."

SAF juga menambah, " Saya agak kasihan kepada Arsenal. Hajatnya kami mahu memberikan satu piala untuk disimpan di sana, tapi Wenger menegaskan yang beliau telah pun menjualkan kabinet pialanya kepada Barcelona bersama-sama Cesc kerana Xavi mendakwa yang ia juga mempunyai DNA Barca."

Sementara itu, dalam perkembangan terkini, Arsene Wenger didapati cuba membida kembali kabinet tersebut setelah menyedari yang kabinet piala tidak mempunyai DNA... - Pewters

Monday, May 7, 2012

Like Flying Dagger Up to Heaven!

Manchester United hampir pasti trophyless musim ini. Terkeluar dari saingan Liga Juara-Juara Eropah pada peringkat kumpulan kepada FC Basel. Terkeluar daripada saingan Piala Carling kepada Crystal Palace dan akhirnya terkeluar juga daripada saingan Piala Europa kepada Athletico Bilbao...

Cakap-cakap yang biasa di dengar di media arus perdana dan arus tak-berapa-nak perdana mengatakan Man Utd adalah pasukan yang sedang merosot. Hutang yang banyak yang 'dibekalkan' oleh Glazer, pemilik Man Utd menyebabkan pasukan ini gagal untuk bersaing di pasaran pemain-pemain baru, apatah lagi dengan Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona dan Chelsea mempunyai kuasa beli yang tampak tidak terhad dengan 'sugar daddy' masing-masing.

Dengan skuad bernilai £332 juta, Manchester City hampir pasti membawa pulang Piala Kejuaraan Liga buat pertama kali selepas 1968, dan Piala EPL pertama kelab tersebut sejak bermulanya format baru kejohanan pada 1992. Tetapi, apa yang menakjubkan ialah, pasukan ini juga terkeluar daripada peringkat kumpulan Liga Juara-Juara Eropah (walaupun dengan kumpulan yang lebih kuat secara relatifnya daripada Man Utd), terkeluar daripada saingan Piala Liga kepada Liverpool dan daripada saingan Piala FA kepada Man Utd di laman sendiri, selain tewas kepada Sporting Lisbon dalam Piala Europa.

Kemenangan Liga pertama City juga kebarangkaliannya dicapai melalui perbezaan gol andai kedua-dua pasukan mengutip mata yang sama pada hari akhir saingan. 

Bandingkan dengan skuad bernilai £250 juta Manchester United, anda akan lihat bahawa pencapaian City tidaklah terlalu menakjubkan berbanding jumlah perbelanjaan mereka. Dan ini diambil kira lepas lebih £50 juta pada skuad Man Utd adalah daripada pembelian Rio Ferdinand (2002) dan Wayne Rooney (2004). £30 juta lagi adalah daripada pembelian Dimitar Berbatov yang lebih banyak menghabiskan masa di bangku simpanan.

Walaupun statistik nilai skuad ini adalah berdasarkan kepada skuad 25 pemain yang didaftarkan untuk saingan liga sahaja, dan Man Utd mendapat banyak faedah daripada pembelian percuma (Michael Owen, Paul Scholes dan pemain-pemain daripada akademi seperti Tom Cleverley, Danny Welbeck, Darren Fletcher dan Ryan Giggs), namun jelas perbezaan kualiti dari segi prestij, scout dan penghasilan pemain muda oleh Manchester United berbanding jirannya 'yang bising', telah menjadikan pasukan ini sentiasa kekal relevan dan kompetitif dalam mana-mana saingan bola sepak professional.

Kegagalan Man Utd untuk memenangi sebarang piala adalah satu fenomena yang jarang-jarang berlaku sejak era Premier League, iaitu kali terakhir adalah pada tahun 2005 (pada tahun yang sama, Man Utd juga terkeluar daripada saingan Liga Juara-Juara pada peringkat kumpulan). Ia juga berlaku pada tahun 1995, 1998 dan 2002. Namun, jika ada kelab yang mampu bangkit dari abu bagaikan Pheonix, itu adalah Man Utd. Bahkan ia berada di dalam DNA Man Utd itu sendiri. Sejak tragedi Munich, bahkan sebelumnya lagi, iaitu pada saat-saat akhir kelab Newton Heath, pembentukan kelab baharu daripada rangka lama Newton Heath ialah Manchester United!

Melihat kepada trend musim trophyless yang dialami Man Utd, dapat dilihat ia biasa berlaku sebelum atau selepas kejohanan utama antarabangsa (1995 - selepas World Cup 1994, 1998 - sebelum World Cup 98, 2002 - sebelum World Cup 2002 dan 2005 -sebelum World Cup 2006). Terdapat beberapa teori yang boleh diberikan mengapa trend ini terjadi dan mungkin akan diterangkan pada artikel lain menjelang Euro 2012, Jun nanti.

Apa yang perlu difokuskan adalah era kebangkitan Man Utd. Kali terakhir Man Utd ketandusan piala dalam satu tahun, iaitu 2005, mereka bangkit dengan memenangi Liga buat pertama kali selepas 3 tahun, dan memenanginya kembali untuk 3 tahun berturut-turut selepas itu. Di samping itu juga, mereka berjaya memenangi Liga Juara-Juara Eropah buat kali kedua bagi Sir Alex dan kali ke-3 dalam sejarah kelab. Rekod lain yang boleh disifatkan sebagai membanggakan juga adalah memenangi piala FIFA Club World Cup di Jepun (2009), Kejuaraan Liga kali ke-19 dan sekali gus memegang rekod British, dan kejayaan ke perlawanan akhir Liga Juara-Juara Eropah sebanyak 3 kali dalam 4 musim (menang satu melawan Chelsea, dan tewas 2 kepada Barcelona)!

Justeru, persoalan kembali kepada, adakah benar pasukan ini berada di ambang kemerosotan? Adakah benar bahawa Man Utd akan selamanya dibayangi oleh kehebatan skuad dan kuasa beli Man City bermula daripada musim ini dan seterusnya? Seseorang individu itu bolehlah melihat tidak jauh daripada sejarah 2002 dan 2005 apabila ketika itu, munculnya Revolusi Biru kendalian Roman Abramovic, membawa jutaan pound duit minyak dan beberapa pemain terkemuka dunia ke London! Mereka mampu mengambil alih Liga Perdana Inggeris ketika itu bagaikan ribut taufan menyapu kawasan yang dilalui mereka! Mengganas dan menggila! Hinggakan pasukan "The Invincibles" Arsene Wenger pun terpaksa tunduk kepada kehebatan 'emas' Abramovic...

Ketika itu, skuad kendalian SAF juga dikriitk teruk!

Antara kritikannya adalah ketidakmampuan Man Utd untuk bersaing di pasaran pemain seperti Chelsea, pemain-pemain baru dan muda yang dibeli adalah tidak mampu memenuhi potensi mereka, seperti Cristiano Ronaldo (ah... the good old days) dan Wayne Rooney. Kehilangan tonggak-tonggak veteran bertaraf legenda hidup seperti Roy Keane dan David Beckham, serta dikatakan sudah kehilangan taring dalam melakukan taktik-taktik yang tidak dapat dijangkakan dan dikira lapuk dalam era permainan moden.

Semua itu telah mampu dijawab SAF dengan ketukan ke muka pengkritik-pengkritiknya!

Persoalannya, adakah pisang akan berbuah dua kali? Jika United mampu mengharungi ujian dan cabaran era Revolusi Biru dengan jayanya, adakah era Bulan Biru Sheikh Mansoor mampu diharungi denagan nada yang sama? Semua ini bakal terjawab dalam satu atau dua musim lagi, kita hanya mampu tunggu dan lihat...

Namun, tidak keterlaluan jika aku nyatakan, "Expect the unexpected..." atau, jika sejarah dijadikan ukuran, "Expect the expected, United to bounce back... AGAIN!"


Now, to laugh at all the other opponent...

Seorang peminat Chelsea dengan penuh haknya mentertawakan aku apabila Man United hampir pasti tidak berpiala musim ini dengan Chelsea pula berpeluang melakukan double jika memenangi Liga Juara-Juara di Munich kelak (eleh, lawan Liverpool pun buat macam lawan Barcelona, ada hati nak kalahkan Bayern dekat Munich :p). Namun, untuk seorang lagi peminat Liverpool, dengan secara 'kayanya' (rich), lagak tipikal the Kops, menganggap bahawa Man Utd akan terus merosot hingga relegate, maka aku lampirkan beberapa keputusan semasa (baca: musim ini) antara Man Utd dengan top 4 (in term of popularity, not league table)

Man Utd vs Arsenal 
8-2, 2-1
Man Utd vs Chelsea 
3-1, 3-3
Man Utd vs Liverpool 
1-1, 1-2, 2-1
Man Utd vs Tottenham 
3-0, 3-1

Dengan kata lain, sebelum Man Utd direlegasikan ke Championship, pasukan-pasukan inilah terlebih dahulu akan direlegasikan, ataupun, fair to say, peluang mereka kena relegate adalah lebih besar daripada the current Man Utd squad, you know, the one which every body else said is in decline... 

T/t: Since Bayern is palying at home for Champions League Final, could Chelsea win the match by away goal rules? :p

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Falling Victim to the Debt, Still... Unpaid in My Head!

*Berkenaan isu PTPTN (Edisi: orang lain bagi pendapat, aku pun tak mahu ketinggalan jugak!)

Pada aku, hutang wajib dibayar, terutamanya hutang belajar sebab ilmu ni perkara yang penting, kena ada keberkatannya... 

Tapi aku takkan hipokrit, aku suka je kalau PTPTN dihapuskan dan hutang aku pun dihapuskan, siapa taknak duit free, ye dok?

Tapi aku rasa cukuplah kalau sekadar bunga yang dihapuskan. In fact, aku suka je kalau bunga dihapuskan terus dari sistem pembankan/transaksi kita seharian.

Tapi, at least, hapuskanlah interest pada hutang pelajaran, sebab macam aku nyatakan di atas, ilmu ni perlukan keberkatan, tapi kalau dah start-start belajar dah bergelumang dengan dosa riba', no wonder lah banyak 'cendekiawan' kita yang korup...

Sebab aku pegang kata-kata sepupu aku dalam 2 tahun lepas, katanya, "Dalam Quran sendiri ada menyatakan, dirikanlah solat, tunaikanlah zakat, dan perangilah riba'" (Aku tak quote directly because I'm suck at it, tapi lebih kurang begitulah kebanyakan ayat-ayat yang berkaitan diafsirkan...)

Dalam ayat tersebut, sepupu aku tu menyedarkan aku (dan abang aku ketika itu) bahawa, Allah SWT tidak menyuruh kita 'menjauhi' riba', ataupun simply just 'meninggalkan' riba', tetapi Allah SWT menyuruh kita 'MEMERANGI' riba'... 

Ramai orang nak jihad dan perangi golongan murtad, tapi amat sedikit yang sanggup memerangi riba'

Dengan kata lain, kita tidak sepatutnya hanya berpuas hati dengan hanya setakat meninggalkan amalan tersebut, bahkan kita sepatutnya menghapuskannya terus dari amalan ekonomi kita. Dan lebih-lebih lagi apabila ia sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan pembelajaran kita, ilmu pengetahuan kita. Pentingnya keberkatan di situ!

Mungkin akan ada yang mengatakan, "cakap senang lah! (talk is cheap? indeed!! : p)". Tapi mereka harus sedar, it's nothing personal, it's just religion... 

Kalau kau tak percaya, teruskan lah amalkan apa-apa yang telah nenek moyang kamu amalkan dan tengok sejauh mana ia membawa/memacu ekonomi dan kehidupan kamu. Tapi bagi aku, satu-satunya cara paling berkesan untuk meningkatkan ekonomi yang agak lembab sekarang ni adalah dengan berbalik kepada sistem ekonomi yang dianjurkan Islam menerusi kitab Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah...

Of course, less talk, more action, helps too!!

T/t: one and only day has come... I paid for all the bad things I've done!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Faktor Kekalahan Man Utd kepada Wigan...

"Biggest Premier League Upset!" - match commentator.

Sebenarnya tiada apa yang peliknya kekalahan Man Utd malam tadi. Sudah tentu bila ditanya pada Sir Alex Ferguson, beliau tidak akan mengakuinya, tapi hakikat sebenar hanya peminat-peminat yang melihat lebih daripada sekadar perlawanan bola sepak sahaja yang memahami kenapa Man Utd 'kalah' malam tadi...

So, apakah faktor-faktornya? Cekidaut!

1. Wigan Atheltic selaku jiran setempat.

Wigan Athletic adalah pasukan paling muda dalam Premier League, ditubuhkan pada 1932, dan merupakan kelab bola sepak ke-5 yang ditubuhkan di Wigan, sebuah bandar yang lebih terkenal dengan pasukan rugby-nya, selepas 4 kelab sebelum ini menemui nasib yang sama dengan nasib yang bakal diterima Johor FC kelak. Jadi, survivaliti Wigan dalam Premier League dilihat penting dalam memastikan bola sepak tidak mati di bandar tersebut. Tidak seperti 'sesetengah' pihak dalam FAM, SAF amat menitikberatkan pembangunan bola sepak setempat di Manchester, sebab itulah beliau dianugerahkan pangkat 'Sir' oleh Queen Elizabeth...

Betapa mulianya SAF, yang bukan sahaja sentiasa mengambil berat dengan nasib-nasib manager yang sering dijadikan biri-biri kibas oleh pemilik kelab yang 'knows-more-than-they-do', bahkan mengambil berat juga dengan kebajikan kelab-kelab setempat. Patutlah beliau dipuja seluruh Mancunia dan dunia, serta semua manager di EPL dan para setan-setan sekalian...

2. Memberi harapan dan motivasi kepada satu lagi jiran setempat, Mancester City.

Bak kata pepatah, "Takkan putus air dicincang"... Entahlah, mungkin kelak akan ada pihak mengatakan yang pepatah sebenarnya ialah, "Takkan putus air dicencang", sebab tak mungkin air dapat dicincang, dan semua perbezaan 'cincang' dan 'cencang' ini terjadi akibat salah tafsiran ejaan jawi dan rumi. Namun itu cerita lain...

Walaupun sentiasa menggelarkan Manchester City selaku 'jiran yang bising', namun hati mulia Manchester United tidak terkira bandingnya. Kalau kita pun, kalau jiran sentiasa bising-bising memaku dinding pada malam-malam buta sekali pun, sampai Hari Raya Aidilfitri, kita tetap menghidupkan budaya kunjung-mengunjung, memohon maaf, dan menghabiskan ketupat-ketupat rumah jiran kita, kan? Ini dibuktikan dan disemarakkan lagi dalam filem P. Ramlee, 'Masam-Masam, Manis", bila mana dua orang jiran yang selalu bergaduh malam-malam boleh sampai ke tahap berkahwin. Betapa tingginya nilai hidup berjiran ni...

Inilah yang cuba dicapai SAF dan Man Utd. Kekalahan kepada Wigan mampu menolong 2 jiran secara serentak. Disamping merancakkan EPL, apa salahnya menolong pihak PR sekali-sekala, ye dok?

Lagipun, dengan masih berbeza 5 mata, Man Utd can afford to lose lah beb... hehe

3. Man Utd terhutang budi terhadap Wigan.

Selain daripada memberikan Steve Bruce peluang pekerjaan di Wigan dahulu, Wigan juga menjual Antonio Valencia dan mengambil Tom Cleverley secara pinjaman musim lepas. Perkara-perkara sebegini tidak pernah dilupakan SAF dan Manchester United. Tidak seperti Sepp Blater yang mendakwa setiap pemain yang tidak bermain di Real Madrid dan Barcelona adalah hamba abdi pasukan lain, Man Utd sentiasa sedar dan sentiasa bekerjasama dengan kelab-kelab lain dalam pembangunan pemain khasnya dan bola sepak amnya.

Dengan memasukkan Antonio Valencia dan Tom Cleverley pada separuh masa kedua, sambil merehatkan Ginger Prince, Genius Paul Scholes, ternyata SAF cuba melemahkan United dari dalam. Kedua-dua pemain tersebut pastinya berasa terhutang budi yang tinggi pada Wigan dan tidak sanggup bermain pada 150% keupayaan sebenar mereka (tahap permainan biasa bagi pemain-pemain Man Utd), sebaliknya mungkin hanya menggunakan 25% sahaja keupayaan sebenar. Dan ketiadaan Scholes membolehkan setiap pemain bermain dengan lebih rileks kerana rekod tanpa kalah sejak Paul Scholes keluar dari persaraan masih kekal dan sekali gus menafikan kenyataan Patrick Viera mengenai 'keterdesakan' mengambil Scholes kembali...

4. Memastikan Motivasi Pemain Kekal Tinggi sebelum bertemu Man City.

Adalah penting bagi Man Utd untuk memastikan pemain-pemain baru dan muda mereka faham mengenai betapa berharganya kejuaraan Liga dan piala-piala yang ditandingi oleh Man Utd. Ada sebabnya kenapa Man Utd terkeluar awal daripada saingan Carling Cup dan Champions League, disamping tersingkir awal pada Europa League dan FA Cup. Of course, given choices, aku harap Man Utd menang balik FA cup sebab dah lama sangat dah tak menang, tapi SAF ada idea lain...

Umum mengetahui bahawa pasukan Man Utd kali ini agak muda dan mentah. Kalau dah Wayne Rooney boleh dianggap sebagai salah seorang pemain senior, maka team tersebut pastinya sangat muda. Chicharito dan Chris Smalling kedua-duanya telah memenangi EPL dan mara ke perlawanan akhir Liga Juara-Juara pada musim pertama mereka di Man Utd. Pencapaian ini amat bagus, namun, bagi memastikan pemain-pemain muda ini kekal bersemangat dan 'dahagakan' kejuaraan, mereka harus belajar mengenai erti kekalahan... SAF belajar erti kekalahan selama 5 tahun pertamanya di United. Begitu juga banyak pemain-pemain yang lain. Ryan Giggs belajar melalui kegagalan memengani Divisyen Satu pada 1991/92. 

Jadi, generasi pemain-pemain baru seperti Phil Jones, Tom Cleverley, Welbeck (first full season dengan skuad senior), De Gea, Da Silva's brothers, dan Ashley Young, mereka ini perlu didedahkan dengan kepahitan kekalahan sebelum diasuh dengan semangat United, iaitu sentiasa dahagakan kemenangan, relentless, never-say-die attitude dan sebagainya... Kekalahan adalah guru yang paling baik. Jika ikut logiknya, SAF boleh sahaja menurunkan Berbatov dan Park Ji Sung (big game player) contohnya untuk menang mudah dalam kelayakan Kumpulan Champions League, ataupun Europa League, ataupun untuk perlawanan semalam, tapi atas sebab ini lah SAF sentiasa mahu menurunkan pemain-pemain baru...

Kaedah yang sama juga digunakan oleh Cikgu Muten semasa melatih Kurin dan Son Goku!

Sebagai kesimpulannya, menang atau kalah, kontroversi pengadil atau tidak, kesemua ini adalah genius evil plan daripada Sir Alex Ferguson. Akhir kata, aku akhiri artikel ini dengan satu ayat yang amat cliche, "Be scared, be really, really scared!!" :p

T/t: anda rasa kesemua sebab ini adalah rekaan semata-mata? Ikut suka hati andalah kalau tidak mahu percaya, yang penting, Man Utd masih tetap menang jugak, bwarharharhar-HA!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fakta mengenai 20

- Terdapat 20 sifat Tuhan dalam kepercayaan Islam,
- Nombor atom bagi Kalsium (Ca) ialah 20,
- Dalam nuklear fizik, 20 ialah 'nombor magik' ke-3,
-Ikosahedron/icosahedron mempunyai 20 permukaan,
-Dodecahedron mempunyai 20 bucu, 

-Terdapat 20 proteinogenik amino asid yang dikodkan oleh kod genetik asas (CGAT),
-Terdapat 20 batang gigi pada gigi susu kanak-kanak,
-Terdapat 20 gerakan paling minimum bagi melengkapkan satu set kiub rubik yang dikenali sebagai 'Nombor Tuhan' (God's Number/Algorithm),
-Terdapat 20 pasukan yang bertanding pada setiap edisi Piala Dunia Rugby,
-Lagenda Man Utd yang menjaringkan gol kemenangan pada perlawanan akhir Liga Juara-Juara Eropah pada 1999, Ole Gunnar Solksjear (baby-face assassin) memakai jersi nombor 20,
-Malaysia menuju negara maju menjelang tahun 2020 mengikut wawasan yang diasaskan oleh Perdana Menterinya yang ke-4,
-Manchester United
akan mencatatkan rekod kejuaraan Divisyen 1/Liga Perdana Bola Sepak Inggeris jika menjuarai Liga Perdana Inggeris/Barclay pada musim ini, iaitu sebanyak 20 kali! (Pemegang rekod ialah Man Utd, 19 kali)

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Tanda-tandanya sungguh jelas. Kadang-kadang, despite the jokes, it really make us wonder, what's the point at all?

Pilihan raya sudah dekat, dan kita tengok same 'O same 'O games every five years... Abaikan media, mereka memang kerja jual berita. Aku selalu tertanya-tanya, kenapa ia dipanggil 'News', sedangkan tiada sebarang benda yang 'new' pun di dalamnya?

Sampai bila kita harus dipermain-mainkan? Dijanjikan langit dan bumi menjelang pilihan raya, dan mendapat langit dan bumi dalam tempoh masa sebulan dua sebelum pilihan raya. Namun akhirnya menangung derita neraka sebelum sebulan dua sebelum pilihan raya berikutnya?

Sudah cukuplah kita makan jasa yang sedikit. Namun siapa punya keberanian untuk hentikan semua ini. Akibatnya, kita hanya ada dua pilihan, yang akibatnya hanya membawa kepada pengakhiran yang sama!

Aku rasa, satu-satunya cara untuk Malaysia mencapai tahap Negara Maju menjelang 2020 ialah dengan mengadakan Pilihan raya setiap tahun. Barulah YB-YB semua bekerja lebih tekun setiap waktu!

At time like this, I hope 2012 movie is a true story after all...

T/t: Why I should save the world I no longer have stake on it? - Dr Manhattan, the Watchmen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quote of the Day

" You know that moment when you look into somebody's eyes and you can feel them staring into your soul and the whole world goes quiet just for a second? Well, I don't!" - Ryan Bingham, [Up In The Stair, 2009]

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop LYNAS, or something like that...

Everybody start to talk about radiation and stuff, so I thought I might as well chip in, you know, because I like to talk about something that is totally in fashion, like, I don't know... Lynas issues and environmental issues for instance!

Well, the point is, everybody scared that within ten years we all will have some kind of mutation from the radiation from a plant which most of us, either didn't trust the science, the company, or the most 'cancerous' (wrong choice of word?) problem of all, our own government...

The thing is, we already almost every day pouring in the poisons into our body, literally... With all those things we ate. The carbonate drinks, the McDs, the fixatives, the chemicals... The smokes from the cigarette and vehicles that we exhales every nano second... We are inducing our own cancerous cell on every inch of our body, every given second. But now, since the government find a way to make it faster for us to kill ourselves, with the virtue to make some profit while they were at it, we are all going blast in craziness!!

I mean, when you started to distrust the science and the informations, what hopes did you have left. Although in a sense, I can understand why and where the sceptic came from. Me too, in all honesty, wont trust the internet!!

My point is, stop being a hypocrite and somehow you were an expert of cancer, radiation and environmentalist, while all you do all day is online and keep overused the energy, on top of eating McD to death... Yeah, we have a new generation to think about, who, without them, we will have no-one to tell our past glory, to compare our better youth, musics, toys and movies than what they all will have...

I mean, Backstreet Boys must be better than Justin Bieber, somehow, isn't it??

So ask yourself, is it really something you fight for that you truly understand it, or we all just do it because of the fashion? 1000 share on Facebook must not be wrong, right? Majority is always right, right? Just like the General Election...

So stop being a hypocrite because we all know better, if we ourselves are the government, we will do the exact same thing, if not worst!!

T/t: Like this war's really just a different brand of war. Like it doesn't cater the rich and abandon the poor...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dongeng Kehebatan La Masia

Kita selalu dengar yang Academy Barca sangat hebat sehinggakan pemain pasukan B mereka pun kononnya boleh memenangi La Liga dan lain-lain kejohanan jika diberikan peluang... Tapi, jika betullah akademi Barca sebegitu hebat, kenapa:

1. Dengan berita ini? Adakah untuk 'membeli balik' bekas pemain akademi mereka, bukan sahaja terpaksa mengugut Arsenal, tetapi juga terpaksa mengurangkan budget ofis kelab mereka sendiri? Kesian pejabat Barcelona, takleh nak fotostat salinan IC pemain-pemain diorang lagi sebab dakwat habis takleh beli baru...

2. Dari 2009-2012, kerugian dalam aktiviti perpindahan pemain adalah sebanyak Euro 116 000 000. Ini setelah diambil kira Barcelona mempunyai 3 pemain terbaik dunia, dan kononnya akademi terbaik dunia, tapi kenapa perlu membeli sebanyak itu bagi 'menguatkan' pasukan? Player akademi dah habis kena jual ke?? 

*Dari jumlah ini termasuklah pembelian Ibrahimovic (satu musim je main), Maxwell (masih memanaskan bangku simpanan), Mascherano (asyik main out-of-position), Aleh Hleb (asyik di loan keluar), dan Bojan (memanaskan bangku simpanan sehingga dijual musim ini ke AS Roma).

3. Jika betul akademi mereka adalah yang terbaik, sepatutnya jumlah keuntungan jual player adalah lebih tinggi daripada perbelanjaan beli player kerana mereka boleh jual dengan banyak. Tetapi mengikut rekod perpindahan Barca, mereka lebih suka memberi pinjam (loan) pemain mereka secara percuma (cuma gaji dibayar oleh kelab yang meminjam). Langkah ini diambil berdasarkan dua faktor utama:

a. mereka takut untuk menjual potential players atas pengalaman terhadap Gerard Pique dan Cesc Fabregas. Setelah dijual, mereka cemerlang di bawah kelab baru mereka, dan akhirnya Barca terpaksa mengeluarkan wang untuk membeli balik pemain yang asalnya adalah produk mereka sendiri. Ini satu pembaziran...

b. dengan menanggung hutang sebanyak 442 juta Euro, mereka tidak mampu untuk membayar gaji pemain-pemain akademi yang diserap masuk ke pasukan utama. Memandangkan pemain-pemain akademi ini kebanyakannya tidak akan bermain pun untuk pasukan utama, membayar gaji mereka tanpa mendapat perkhidmatan mereka adalah satu kerugian. Cara terbaik ialah dengan menyebarkan 'berita' kehebatan akademi mereka dan meminjamkan pemain-pemain 'berbakat' mereka kepada kelab-kelab lain tanpa yuran perpindahan dengan syarat kelab meminjam akan membayar gaji pemain-pemain yang dipinjamkan. Dengan itu, pemain akademi akan dapat game-match experience, dan jika pemain tersebut cukup bagus utk Barca, ia akan diambil kembali tanpa Barca perlu membayar sesen pun!! Dan jika pemain tersebut cukup bagus, tapi tidak cukup bagus untuk Barca, ia akan dijual, dan kelab meminjam tersebut perlu membayar yuran perpindahan bagi pemain yang mereka sendiri gilap bakat pemain-pemain tersebut...

4. Hutang sebanyak Euro 442 juta adalah diakibatkan oleh kos pengurusan kelab, dan kebanyakan hutang tersebut adalah disebabkan aktiviti perpindahan pemain yang dilakukan oleh Barcalona. Barcalona telah memenangi hampir kesemua piala yang dipertandingkan pada peringkat kelab di Eropah mahupun dunia dalam tempoh 4 musim kebelakangan ini. Membeli pemain untuk menguatkan pasukan adalah normal bagi mana-mana kelab bolasepak, tetapi persoalan terhadap Barca ialah:

a. dengan pasukan terbaik dunia yang mereka miliki, kenapa perlu berbelanja besar untuk membeli pemain yang tidak pun digunakan?
b. kenapa tidak memberi peluang kepada pemain-pemain akademi 'hebat' mereka untuk bermain dalam first team??

-Jawapan sebenarnya adalah mudah, kerana kehebatan akademi Barcelona, La Masia, sebenarnya adalah satu DONGENG, kah kah kah!!

T/t: at least, hutang Manchester United adalah disebabkan oleh hutang orang lain yang diletakkan di bawah nama kelab, bukan sebab beli player membabi-buta!!

T/t/t: ya, Man United pun pernah beli pemain dengan harga tinggi dan didapati tidak berguna sesen pun, tapi itu bukan sebab kelab berhutang, berbeza dengan Kelab terhebat di bumi, di langit dan segala yang ada di antaranya, yang juga memiliki akademi terhebat di bumi, di langit, serta segala yang ada di antaranya... kah kah!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Uneventful Life of TalkIZcheap!

Yesterday I went to HQ for a pre-schedule meeting and discussion with the Director (and I already prepared to be scold, here and there, mentally), but instead I find myself caught up in a monthly meeting for HQ staff that I know nothing and has to do with anything at all...

Then, after taking some undeservedly blames, here and there, to cover someone else ass in the meeting, the discussion afterwards went rather well than expected! Really, if it wasn't for the meeting and some ceremony to celebrate a staff who get transferred and those who has their birthday on that month, and also to celebrate the new director for her new appointed position, I would already go back to the office before lunch (or rather, since my house is nearer from the HQ than my office, maybe I go straight home :p)!

Later on has a chance to meet KSN at the ministry, and his talk and his answers for the questions' section afterwards is really an eye-opener, though, you know, not literally... He do, though, make us think a bit about where do the future head on for the government servant, and the questions from the audience tell a bit about the struggle, either in life or career, of many different level of G-Man. And for my personal opinion, I think that the government has already face a long dilemma about the direction of the government services sector, especially in the employment area, which, I guess, is a story for another day...

The bright sides though, were that I've get to have a morning tea (which I've skipped for so many weeks now) and Beriani for lunch for free, and get to went home early! :p

T/t: though, since after the discussion, I found out there were so many corrections yet to be made, I've got to go there again some time next week... Is another Beriani session is too much to hope for? 

Monday, February 13, 2012


Jumaat, 3 haribulan : aku kehilangan sedikit berat badan, membolehkan aku menyertai kategori 'Bantam' untuk comeback aku dalam bidang sparring Taekwondo.

Sabtu, 4 haribulan : Pasukan aku 'kehilangan' beberapa mata berharga dan pemain berharga dalam pertandingan, disebabkan apa yang disyaki sebagai dubious decisions by the ref. Aku juga kehilangan kasut kerja aku, dicuri di depan rumah...

Ahad, 5 haribulan - Selasa, 7 haribulan : aku kehilangan kesihatan aku, tonsil bengkak, dipercayai infection (tanpa merujuk doktor). Selain kesihatan, aku juga hilang 'waktu' cuti aku...

Rabu, 8 haribulan : aku kehilangan kereta aku, akibat kemalangan. Langgar bontot BMW, bakal kehilangan wang insurans kereta juga...

Khamis, 9 haribulan : aku 'kehilangan' kuota cuti sehari apabila alarm aku tidak berbunyi. Alasan hari tu adalah kononnya utuk selesaikan pasal insurans kereta yang kemalangan semalamnya (which, until this article was written, is still unsolved...)

Jumaat, 10 haribulan : aku 'kehilangan' makmal aku pula. Ditukar ke makmal lain disebabkan makmal asal aku perlukan seorang 'chemist', dan latar belakang pendidikan aku tidak memihak untuk aku didaftarkan sebagai 'chemist' secara terus...

Sabtu, 11 haribulan - Isnin, 12 haribulan : masih kehilangan kereta, kekuatan badan (akibat demam) dan selera makan tak menentu (serta jadual makan tak menentu juga), 'hilang' semangat, dan 'hilang' akal (sedikit)

Satu-satunya perkara yang belum hilang ialah keterunaan aku!

T/t: ...dan aku juga mula hilang kepercayaan terhadap dunia ini, sedikit, demi sedikit...

If Your Life Has A Face, I Would Punch It!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Worst Day of My Life...

There were plenty of it, which I couldn't even know for sure which is the most suitable for the title, but, a recent event has made it to the new low, and I guess it has become my officially 'The Worst Day of My Life" yet...

To be honest, January 2012 doesn't been too kind for me. It's started slowly but hectic enough, with all the annual reports, performance evaluation (and slow system to do it!), new-year budget and stuff. And then I decided to come out from my sparring retirement (which never been official, actually) out of blue! I try to make a come back earlier, but something happens, and I've becoming more injury prone than I thought I could ever be. But Paul Scholes return to the world football has inspired me. I thought to myself, "why not, eh?". So now, I'm in the middle of a hectic training schedule (considering I'm training back at my old University, which near my place, but so far away from my office. Training start at 5.30 pm, and the earliest I can reach home is 5.40pm - with no traffic jam!). And then, on the second week, I sent my car for a periodically mileage service, a major service. Somehow, the foreman found out that my mounting is at fault, and my absorber is leaking. That was an add-on to the first real problem, which was my brakes pad is all gone, on all the tyres! So, there, it's burn a hole in my pocket...

Thanks to our PM, now even SBPA been post-poned... Well, it couldn't be helped anyway.

After all this, you must be guessing that there will no more bad thing could ever happened, right? Well, you guess it wrong!

Long story shorted, I've been bribed!! That son-of-the-bitch!

Been bribed wasn't exactly a worse thing to happen to you, especially if it was clear to you that you've been offer something, by someone who, at least for you, is clearly a scumbag, to put it nicely...

But, after a lengthy conversation about almost everything that you will expect to hear from a ustaz rather than a businessman, you don't usually expect it to be happen... It really hit you of how low can people go!

For me, the lowest of scumbag is a thief, someone who illegally taking other people wealth for themselves...

Lower than that is the bribe giver, someone who offer their wealth for other to take other people rights and wealthiness!!

Eat shit and Go die, please!!

T/t: coz we;re doing fine, and we don't need to be told, that we're doing fine, and we won't give you control! And we DON'T NEED ANYTHING from you, coz we'll be just fine, and we won't be bought and sold... JUST LIKE YOU!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best Day of My Life

I remember that morning...

I wake up, i guess it's about 8am or 9am, I'm just a little kid, maybe 4 or 5, so it's ok to wake up at that time. I think it was Friday or Saturday because both mom and dad is at home. I went out of my parents bedroom to the living room. The surrounding was so orange because of the ray of the early sun.

There I saw, my mom and my dad on the rottan couch. My dad is reading the newspaper with his typical leg-crossing style of sitting (which my brothers and I seems to inherited it). There were a soothing music on the air. I can't really remember eiter it's from the TV or the radio, but I like the sound. Mom saw me and ask if i wanna go to pee. I just shake off my head. And he said if I wanna my breakfast, and I just nod. I can't remember the rest of the day...

But, I guess, that was the best day of my life!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Speed, accuracy and power...

I think the most important thing is accuracy.

But anyhow, if you posses any two of it, it's enough to make you to be a relentless fighter!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Silent Majority...

In this world, where majority's count, silent majority however, count as ZERO! Make a choice! Even when you choose the wrong parties, it's ok, because human makes mistake... While it's tiring to keep making the same mistake, it's even more frustrating to know that some choose to do nothing at all! 

Bagaimana anda ingin suara anda didengari jika anda memilih untuk berdiam diri?

Raised your voice every single time you open up your mouth!

Stand up and be counted!!

T/t: Everybody wanna change the world but no one wanna dies (for it)...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year, for what it's worth...

Cuaca sungguh baik petang tadi, angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa, burung-burung berkicauan di angkasa raya, kanak-kanak bersorak riang di padang setelah seharian penat terpenjara di sekolah, Mr N mengorak langkah untuk 'berlari-lari anak' di petang hari untuk membang lemak yang masih tersisa, aku dapat pulang awal sambil menunggu di beranda mengharapkan kemunculan awek-awek cun melalui depan pagar rumah sewa, masih tidak kunjung tiba, jalan raya di KL masih tidak jem, makcik jiran pula sedang kusyuk membakar sampah... 

Dan aku mengabadikan semua ini di dunia maya...

T/t: Seriously, the weather is so nice, that if I'm gonna drop dead now, I'll have no regret! God is Great.