Thursday, July 28, 2011

War and Love

They said, it's all fair in war and love...

Well, maybe I'm not build for war... or love!!

T/t: If you treat everyone the same, then you'll treat no-one special!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Day To Remember

For me, today's date is best to remember as my anniversary as an official Dan's holder...

It's not an easy beginning for me, a humble one, one should say. I've been write off even before I've started out, even after I've started out. Even the first step faced many hurdles! At times until today, there's still doubt on certain mind. But just like then, now I still don't give a damn...

After all, I've proved them all wrong in the past!

Over the years, it's never getting easy, but it's certainly get more fun! I've kept learning new things. You can say it's build character, but further more, it gives me purposed!

For a special thing and the only thing that I've never felt betrayed by...  Taekwondo, now I am a nine-year-old Dan's holder!!

T/t: ...the rest, be damned!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Emblematic Woman

The Emblematic Woman. We’ve all been there. 
Maybe it took years for us to realize the loop was recursive. That even though the highs and lows feel different every time, they’re actually a place we’ve visited before. 
Here are the plain facts about that Emblematic Woman:
  • She is almost totally unreliable.
  • She doesn't actually care about you.
  • She will disappoint you more often than she will satisfy you.
  • You will always feel like you were so close, so tantalizingly close, to making things work.
  • You will feel that maybe it’s your fault, that maybe something about you was responsible for things not working out.

Which is why your friends and loved ones look at you like an idiot every time you try again. They’re able to see the ungarnished narrative, the never-ending pattern, the tale of hurt and impossible hope that has marked your entire history. 
What they can’t see, and what kept you coming back, were those ephemeral moments of transcendent feeling that seemed to come from nowhere and represent the light side of the pain. 
It takes time to understand that this momentary transportation isn't worth the wind it’s carried off on, and that pain isn't a prerequisite to the intense highs of love. But even stupid young people can be cured by time, and if we’re lucky we teach ourselves to stop chasing a future that plainly does not exist. 
Soccer, though…well, let’s return to the facts, and replace ‘she’ with ‘soccer’...

Sadly, I personally think this is both true for soccer/football and emblematic woman... 

T/t: I loved the way you call me your superhero... Am I still your hero??

Friday, July 22, 2011

Geng Bas Tambang!

Satu diari yang memberi inspirasi mengenai dua anak muda yang berusaha gigih mengelilingi Semenanjung Malaysia bagi melawat menara jam di setiap negeri hanya dengan menaiki bas tambang dan tidak boleh mencarut sepanjang perjalanan mereka.

Bacalah kisah suka duka pengembaraan mereka yang pastinya mendidihkan darah muda bagi yang muda dan menaikkan kandungan gula darah bagi yang diabetis...

Antara lain yang dipaparkan termasuklah dilema yang dihadapi apabila tiada bas tambang untuk ke destinasi tertentu, cuma ada bas ekspress (baca episod pengenalan untuk mengetahui peraturan-peraturan yang ditetapkan mereka sendiri untuk sepanjang perjalanan mereka) serta kemunculan 'maskot' perjalanan mereka, iaitu seorang yang sangat rapat dengan aku sendiri, hu hu hu...

Oh ya, bilik tidur dan rumah aku kat kampung membuat kemunculan cameo pada episod ini...

Jadi ikutilah pengembaraan mereka! Dapatkah mereka menyelesaikan perjalanan dalam masa 7 hari dan sempat pulang ke ofis pada minggu berikutnya? Adakah mereka terpaksa bermalam di ladang kelapa sawit antara perjalanan dari Kuantan ke Segamat? Berapa banyak menara jam pula yang sempat mereka lawati?

Baca, dan kagumilah sendiri!!!

T/t: "peraturan dicipta untuk dilanggar..." -deep [Geng Bas tambang]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Asian Power!! (Versi Wordless Wednesday)

T/t: Woman's World Cup final is simply amazing, the quality of play, the emotion, it was everything football should be!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Deus kata diorang tak best nyanyi LIVE...

Entah lah, korang judge lar sendiri, ye dok? Tapi, of course la lagu LIVE akan bunyi lain sikit berbanding stdio recording, unless of course, korang ialah Siti Nurhaliza atau band Keane...

Tapi Siti tak nyanyi lagu metal/rock...

Don't walk away, don't walk away, don't walk away, don't walk away!!

T/t: If you stay...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We're Believers, and We Believe Tonite...

Instinctively Young and Dangerous,

Forcefully Ethical and Economical...

Naturally Naive but Twisted,

Served, without purposed!!