Monday, October 22, 2012

Keep Calm and Win the Treble!

Take a bow, for the best supporters of the best team in Malaysia!!!

T/t: Welcome to Kota Bharu, the Malaysian Capital of Trophies... :p

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reason to smile

I forgot to update this blog recently, although 'forgot' here being used rather cheaply...

I also forgot today is Thursday, meaning that we have - or rather, can - wear Batik to work. I prefer wearing Batik mainly because you don't need to tuck it in your pants, it's like save me about 30 seconds or so in the morning...

I also forgot my wallet today!

T/t: hey, at least the weather is nice and my punch card wasn't red! :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Best Advice of My Life

There's a wise man, of centuries old. He's seen things that we never heard of, he mention people we never know alive, he tell stories, sometimes even stranger than fiction. He's done it all, according to him. People respect him as the elderly. People seek advice from him, often. He didn't speak much, but those little words always caught the mind of the youngsters. He has a battle scar to show. He said he fought in two battles of which I never heard of too. But his wife seems to disagree. According to her, it was a cut from the knife when he tries to help her with the onions back when they were young.

"Women! What did they know?" he mumbled, almost to himself. I nod agreeably, even though I never live with a woman, except my mother and little sisters.

I went to a long journey one day. With him. On the long path on the side-walk. At the end of it is a bright shining light. Everyone else has go there, a place they deems to bring happiness to oneself. I don't really know the truth of it nor do I really care. I'm embark the journey as if there's nothing else that I can really do otherwise. So, I follow suit later on, and the old man couldn't stop talking. Maybe it's because of the journey itself which was quite boring. He talked, and I nodded. I rarely interrupt his moment, at times making notes in my mind when random advice being pouring on from a generation to his next...

And then, he said, for what has been, the best advice in my life! He said;

"Always check the water first when you're in the public restroom!"

I always remember his words. Every time I was in public restroom, it almost became a ritual of which I followed religiously. And in my heart I know he was right, the wise man of centuries old. And from that moment on, my life has never been miserable ever again!