Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Environmentalist vs Geneticist

I always impress, almost amazed on how the environmentalist always wanted and asked us to protect the environment for the future generation. Actually, where did they got their confident that this thing can really be done. But I guess, the bigger question would be, is it really matter??

As a geneticist graduated (at least), I believe that humankind will evolve and somehow adapt with whatever the environmental changes and challenges, even though the challenge is something human being exposed on to themselves! They should rises above the occasion and hardness to claim the right to be the ultimate being on earth.

And if we can't do that, then we're simply doesn't deserve the world anymore and should become extinct for failing to do just that (to evolve). Just like the dinosaurs before us, we'll become a history and fossils for the next ultimate being to study about us.

So, again, do we really need to save the world when what we really need is actually to adapt with the new surroundings? Does it really matter to save a little bit of energy and avoid a little bit of waste just so that the earth get a little bit of breathing space just for the rich and whoever who already destroying the world get all the money and fun from it to continue to get just that for a bit longer? For whatever sacrifice did the environmentalist has done and will do, does it really for the benefit of the more-appreciate future generation, or for the next generation to still have something to destroy to?

I think we should let the world be. If we deserved the world, than we'll evolved for sure. If we doesn't, then I rather we 'go out' big rather than sacrificing all the potential and still facing the end of world anyways...

So, stop asking me to stop using the plastic bag, because I'm gonna enjoy myself to one of the most excellent invention in human long history of civilization!!

Have a good day, lads.

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