Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Uneventful Life of TalkIZcheap!

Yesterday I went to HQ for a pre-schedule meeting and discussion with the Director (and I already prepared to be scold, here and there, mentally), but instead I find myself caught up in a monthly meeting for HQ staff that I know nothing and has to do with anything at all...

Then, after taking some undeservedly blames, here and there, to cover someone else ass in the meeting, the discussion afterwards went rather well than expected! Really, if it wasn't for the meeting and some ceremony to celebrate a staff who get transferred and those who has their birthday on that month, and also to celebrate the new director for her new appointed position, I would already go back to the office before lunch (or rather, since my house is nearer from the HQ than my office, maybe I go straight home :p)!

Later on has a chance to meet KSN at the ministry, and his talk and his answers for the questions' section afterwards is really an eye-opener, though, you know, not literally... He do, though, make us think a bit about where do the future head on for the government servant, and the questions from the audience tell a bit about the struggle, either in life or career, of many different level of G-Man. And for my personal opinion, I think that the government has already face a long dilemma about the direction of the government services sector, especially in the employment area, which, I guess, is a story for another day...

The bright sides though, were that I've get to have a morning tea (which I've skipped for so many weeks now) and Beriani for lunch for free, and get to went home early! :p

T/t: though, since after the discussion, I found out there were so many corrections yet to be made, I've got to go there again some time next week... Is another Beriani session is too much to hope for? 

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