Thursday, September 6, 2012

Untukmu Ibu...

Dedicated to my aunt who we called 'Ibu'

It's been a full week without you now, and the feeling just felt void.

So many words to say but maybe only silence that I can choose at the time.

But I remember this from a song, that may just suit us...

"The truth about this life is that we are all in it together! 

That's what you said to me in all your pictures and your letters, 
Somehow I believe, you made me better,
In my heart I know, you're gonna live forever...

Now you're gone,
We all miss you...
Listen to this song,
You're alive in everyone
Are you smiling down?
Are you still singing?
Were you with us all along?
Do you like what we've become?"

Bu, I can be tough, I can be strong, but without you...

T/t: they said that tears is only for the strong, well... Maybe I'm just not strong enough.

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