Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hearts and Nails

Are you tired of proving yourself right or proving others that they were wrong?

Well, then don't!

I think I shouldn't be on the receiving end anymore...

I mean, how much could one take?

Or maybe I should just be me.

And let it be...

T/t: Forget about building character! I don't want to build a character. I'm tired of this! I can't handle the pressure anymore... [Bart Simpson]


  1. yeah let it be bro..huhu~ ko x okai ke?

  2. nothing new and nothing I couldn't handle it before... :D

    btw, this is scheduled post, so, it's not the current mood, juz wanna to let it out, somehow... huhu

  3. yeah..okai.its cool.xpe..its just a phase.keep telling urself that.

    chill ha!


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