Sunday, January 31, 2010

Confusion and Frustration of the Modern World

I guess now I've seen why did an atheist became an atheist...

It's because they see and felt the conflict of the modern world and how religions view didn't help the course at all...and at times, it even makes thing worst!

The incapability of religion followers to fully understand their religion regulations and needs, misinterpreted and misused it for their own satisfaction, and their incapability in truly and fully understand the course of Sirah Nabawiyah and significance of events when the Quran verses were being given has lead to the confusion and frustration of the modern world!

This confusion and frustration further lead people to get away or at least being twisted from the real purposed and spirit of the religion. Then, to put an end to it, to excluded oneself from religions, the best (and easiest) way is to defy the existent of God!

It's become easier since they used science as a defence mechanism in making everything on the whole universe to make sense to them...

It's seems like, the weak enforcement of religion's laws on religion's issues which lead to injustice decisions had make people tend to believe that they had been some sort of corruptions in action, and while this view might not be wrong, the biggest mistakes of all atheist had been done is to blame the existence of the very religion itself as a fault!

This is a mistake since, for me, it's like we're taking a shortcut in 'blames game'. Blame the religions! Their ideologies and sort, their followers! The mistakes were that they don't go through of some sort of investigations of how wrong or right a religions could been actually!

To understand that either a religion really is make sense, or true, or divine at all, they must investigate through available evidence that's been claim by such religion to prove their teaching are truly divine.

Take Islam as an example, the most concrete evidence would always the Holy Quran. But then, to understand the divinity of Holy Quran, one can not straight jump to study about the book, rather one should establish certain amount of knowledge about the preacher himself, Muhammad (PBUH), and how did we categorized something that ought to be divine. How could we categorized of something to be God (the characteristic of God that is, like as a Muslim we believe of Asma' Ul Husna and the 20 sifat). Then, after recognizing these categories or characteristics, one can safely begin a journey of seeking the truth of Holy Quran. But again, precaution should be take into consideration is, one shouldn't approach the Holy Quran without a guide from a teacher, someone who can truly understand the meaning, characteristic and literature of the Holy Quran itself.

This is something that most scholar and Muslim society in general fail or forget to realized, let alone someone who didn't familiar with Islam and Quran to begin with. But this is spare for another day, insya-Allah!

The point is, to study a religion and it's view to understand its divinity and the truth that being brought with it, one shouldn't just take an action and/or situations taken/happen by/to a current followers as a way to justify a religion. One should, before rejecting any faith, study about it to its core and understand the spirit of the religions itself, before condemning it because you hate the mentality of their followers.

By admitting and claiming that you are this or that religion follower doesn't automatically put you to believe in the religion's God and ideologies, coz, the true believer would stand the current of test from God, and show it through their actions and words on every moment basis. you cannot said that you're following this religion and believe in this sort of God, but failed to follow with a full heart of what the religion's being preach out. You can just claim that you are in the journey of it, but not quite there yet. Still this is also a story for another time.

What I'm try to bring out is, I guess, why did a disbelief in God happen. Why did people fell out of faith with religions? For most cases, is because they see religions as some sort of society systems. A doctrine to control people so that one part of them will hold power unto the other part of them.

The idea of religion is to control people is not a wrong view by a mile! It is to control people, but not for the sake of other people, but for the Creator sake, for God sake! Why is it like that? I hope I can elaborate it on other time too...

The whole points are, I guess what I'm trying to address is, our weaknesses in understanding our religions spirit of teaching, the haq or 'nature' of our God, and to fully obliged to it, has become a burden to our own society in order to tackle everyday issues that we're facing. Therefore, worsen by the corruption of leaders either the spiritual leaders or not, and the hypocrisies and corruptions of our modern societies itself, couple with the craving of ourselves to get a reasoning on everything based on our mind capability alone, had make people more and more tend to leave religions behind!

We started to reasoning that there are no God because of the failure of the religious system to tackle problems. We started to reasoning that there are no God because of what the follower's habits nowadays in dealing with everyday life. Thus, those who think extremely had rejected God from their lives and believe just because they can't see, feel and find the evidence of God, therefore turn atheist...

Atheist, didn't believe in God, while we, on the other hand, lacking some faith in Him be continued (I guess)

T/t: Atheist take religion's views on thing sceptically, and have faith in science, I, on the other hand, take science's view sceptically, and have faith in religion... but I'm a science graduate...

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