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Look at the big picture! We are all human in every ways and every pains!

I thanks my coach for this quote, "People always look at their differences rather than their similarities, eventhough most of the time, they share more things in common than differences between them..."

So, let's take a look at the big picture here people:

Either you are a Manchester United fans, Chelsea fans, Arsenal fans, Liverpool fans, Bolton Wanderers fans, Barcelona fans, Real Madrid fans, Kelantan FA fans, Kedah fans, Selangor fans or Felda United fans, you are all a FOOTBALL FANS!

Either you are a Karate fans, Silat fans, Kung Fu fans, Muay Thai fans, Taekwondo fans or MMA fans, you are all a MARTIAL ARTS FANS!

Either you like pop punk, punk rock, alternative, balad, R'n'B, Soul, Country or Patriotic song, you are still the fans of music

Either you like FIFA 2010, PES 9, Halo 3, DotA, King Of Fighter, AOE, Tekken or Naruto's Wars, you still a video games fan!

Either you are a Malay's Malaysians, Chinese Malaysians, Indians Malaysians, Eastern Malaysians (sorry, too many that I afraid of might left out some, so, I generalized, if it's ok :p), we all still a Malaysians!

Either you are a Muslim, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, or other religions, we all believe in God

Either we are a Muslim who called our God 'Allah', or a Christians who called our god 'Allah', or Hindus who called our god 'Allah', or a Buddhist who called our god 'Allah', or a Jews who called our god 'Allah', we are still Allah's creation!

So, we are all the same, human in every ways and every pains, so what the f*cking hell do we fight about??

The thing is, you can't deny the truth... the truth is out there, and good not always win, but truth are!

You can't deny truth like you can't deny the very fact that there are night time after a day time, and also there are day time after night time, nothing could deny this! No matter how much progress in science and civilization that we've achieved, this will stay as the truth!

The truth is beautiful and will still won no matter what, it's been proven by history then and again...

*From now on, my article will touch about teachings in Quran and Hadith. Non-muslim are welcome to read, but never force to accept it... I don't take quote or teaching from other religions as for my priciple is do not talk/write anything that not in my knowledge, or I know little about...
(so, if you find it any contra from your own religion's teaching, please note that I only quote from Islam's source, you can ask me for a little more details if you're interested, but if it's not in my knowledge, I'll direct you to any person or party that I thought will satisfied your questions)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said in Hadith: Don't do towards other things that you wish did not being done upon you by others, love your neighbours and brothers like you loving yourself, and do you want me to tell you what can bring a good bonds among you? Gives 'Salam'!

Above is always my favourite hadith!

So people, revenge don't solve things, hate only breed more hates!
Hate is the heart of suffering!

When we hate peace, we'll indulge in war! When we hate poor, we led a lives far away from them, and forget about them, even though we all at first came out from nothing ourselves! When we hate stupidity, we'll never educate ourselves and the stupids that we hate!

Don't hate them, pity them, and help them to find the right path, the path with no hate, be more open... open our eyes, open our mind, and more importantly open our heart!

Allah (SWT) said in Quran (not in direct translation, more on what I remembered from, the words might not be exact!): All human are same to Me, for poorer or richer (or prettier), either their skin are white or darker don't hold any barrel. THE HIGHER RANKS AMONG HUMAN ARE WHO HAVE MORE 'TAQWA' TO ME (ALLAH)!

So again it's prove the point of we are all the same! The one with a better place beside Allah are those with more 'taqwa'. A direct translation of this been taught to me years ago in school is 'takutkan Allah'(Fear Allah), but actually it's mean more than that. I'm not really in a boat of explaining it. The bottom line is, do what are allowed and leave whatever that been told to leave by Allah to lead to a more harmony and peaceful lives under the right (and good) guidance of His religion solely to get His approval, would can also used to describe taqwa.

So, Allah didn't say : those who fight to retain His name for muslims only, or those who burn down churches or temples, or fight without any apparent or solid reason (which is on early days of Islam, was only when you're under threat for your lives) is the one with higher rank in Allah pov! So, by act or saying, by doing all the above are the signs to prove we are a truly muslims or mukmin is a very big LIE! 'Islam' itself traslate to peace, some thought it derived from the word 'Salam', which as state with the hadith above, is what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sad as 'thing to strenghten the (relationship) bonds'. Other accepted translation is 'surrender oneself to the Allah's will'... so, how can someone who truly surrender can act brutally? If you understand the words from Allah (i.e: the Quran, and through prophet's sunnah), you will not done such things!

Yes, there are many verse state that it is allowed for muslim to war, but it's on CONDITIONS! and it's also come with so many rules and ethics, such as don't kill the women and childs, don't kill whoever had surrender, don't kill public citizen or refugee! There would always should be a warning before any attacks, and the warning come in form of bringing the teaching of Islam, the teaching of truth...

History taught us, that many lands being conquered by muslim troops, but mind you, among all the attacks, not every of it are truly a rage in name of Islam. Like any politicians on any ages, some might have been corrupt and used 'Islam' as a diversion for their own greed! Even though there were many of truly Islam's warriors, not all of the campaign are lead beacuse of the sake of Allah's religion, only those attacks that fulfill all the ethics and rules of war, taught by Quran or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were the truly Islamic wars!

Allah said : they will never rest, until all of you(Muslim/Mukmin) follow the path that they've followed

This is a warning! A warning that should stay always in our(Muslim) heart and the generations beyond. Allah had said it, loud and clear for those who want to listen! 'They will never rest!' So, we should expect it, on every angle...

So, we shouldn't go all chaos about it! As a good strategicans would do, be relax about it, chill out, and look at a different perspectives... then we will know how to exploit a situation into our own advantage without rise a rage between a harmony society!

Many of us (Muslims) fall straight into their emotion, which is very sad... Take a second and think about it! If it's really an 'evil plan' from other religions to put instability towards muslims, so it is a war, but a different kind of war... the war of wits! War of wits would never been won by fists, but be won by wits only! Outwit the plan! That's a real strategies! Not go out and rage the harmony society without a reason, we then will just put ourselves on a downfall! Just like the 'supposedly our enemy' had wanted!

The view of those who fight against the used of 'Allah' name as a reference to 'God' in Malay Language version of the Bible is that, they fear it will lead to the misconception and confusion among the new generation of muslims, and also they feel it as a disgrace to the Islam!

OK, due to all respect to the right to have a different opinions in our country, this thought are the TRUE DISGRACE to Islam!

What they thought can be traslate like this:

The new generations of Muslims are idiot! They cannot bear the concept of one God that Islam brought centuries ago, they are lazy bastards who will never read Quran let alone understand it! They cannot comprehend and differentiate between the shared name with the shared ideas! They (party who fought against the court decision) also thought that Islamic education in this country are useless in every ranks and departments! Our ustazs and ustazahs can do nothing in educating our children about the right concept of Islam and Allah as A GOD, that we fear that they will read Malay's bible more than they gonna read Quran (without considering that youth read URTV and Mangga more than any other printed materials already!). They fear that parents can no longer feed the hunger of truth and faith to their childs (but, hey! they may have a point, don't you think so??). Sorry for the harsh words, maybe I'm make it look excessive a little bit...

Let me tell you what are the true disgrace in Islam society nowadays! Yes, it's everywhere!! We started with the mighty social activities of the street teens, called Rempit! "Tak guna, bodoh, menyusahkan orang ramai, biadap" is among the words best describe them!

Our driver attitude on the road generally also on the same boat!

Hedonisme and Materialistic minded Muslims!

Haters bastards who simply hate everything!

Corrupt leaders!

Finger pointer!

Bias Media!

and the list will go on...

And do we see any peace demonstrations about those things? We hear some people talk about it, make a forum about it, some even take act to no avail, but nothing really serious that've been done! Let those problems became rotten in our society already...

Let open our eyes! If the bible used the word 'Allah' to refer to their God, what other harm could it bring to Islam faith in ourselves (that many things actually done it already to us?). Among other earlier Islam's teaching that I received in my childhood was that Torah, Bible and Quran are the books of words of God (Allah), but only Quran are still valid, which been proved by a verse in Quran that Allah said that He will preserves the Quran till the end of time!

Now, in due respect to other religions, especially Jews and Christianity, as I've wrote earlier in this article, this is Muslim view, and nothing you can said from other Books can make we change our heart (supposedly)!


Because, as for me, I feel the truth! If any of us take time to look into this matter, we will be better equip to see on previous debate that proved the validity among the books we see nowadays. And as for me, I do believe Quran is valid!

So, by knowing this, I don't understand what the fuss is all about?? Did some muslims thought that some of us will make believe that somehow, when the word 'Allah' being put on TRANSLATED BIBLE, it suddenly become VALID?

And if there are people who actually believe it is the case, then how on earth did we think we can do anything to save those people who already lost?

By any means, if there are the ways, it's not by cancelling the so-right to use 'Allah' word in bible... they thought that way (taht bible become valid because Allah is mention in it) because they already detach from the true teaching of Islam. They leave Islam not because the weakness of the teaching, but the weakness of the 'teachers' which in this case would be us, the Muslim's society, who can't differ which is the true issues are, our faith (or lack of it) or other religions publications which some arabic term in it!

As I said before in this article, the truth will always win... but what kind of win it's gonna be?? Wallahualam!

As for conclusion, I like to state that to Muslim, have faith! If we really believe that our religion is a true God's approved religion, so, whatever others do, if they really are want to stir our faith and harmony, just believe that Allah is the Greatest Strategicians among all strategicans! What seems on surface as something of our loss, not really the case if you have a stronger believe! Remember Hudaibiyah Treaty?? Do fight fire with fire, but also fight wits with wits...

T/t: Religion is not the cause of war! Obsession, Fanaticism and Provocations are!

T t/t: If you don't put some faith on your own faith, then what else did you believe??

T tt/t: Don't believe everything you've seen, you've heard or you've read, believe in what did you feel!

For my opinion about the issue of usage of the word 'Allah' in other religions publication, see here. I am very much on the same boat with him.


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  2. already did actually, harhar! sajer je tulis BI bg ramai skit yg faham... it's actually only my view, that happen to be shared with others (I later found)... apa2 pon, just a view jer... kita kena berhati-hati jgk dgn benda ni, bkn shj melibatkan isu masyarakat dan keharmonian negara jer, tp akidah Islamiah kita jgk... tp apa2 pon, ni lar view aku sehingga jika berlaku perkembangan lain dalam isu nie =p


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