Tuesday, January 26, 2010

this is Serious Business...

The time have arrived for one more time... yeah, Campus Election!

Memandangkan aku ada ramai kawan dari kalangan junior U dahulu dalam Facebook, maka secara tak langsungnya, aku jadik aware dengan Pilihanraya Kampus ni...

Dengan perkembangan pesat teknologi maklumat sekarang, urusan kempen pilihanraya mejadi lebih mudah... budak-budak U sekarang memang up-to-date... Aku dulu pun, buat akaun Friendster time third year, dengan kesedaran bahawa time aku dah grad pasni, macam mana lagi boleh keep in touch... ye lar, time tu, berapa banyak sangat la 'Phone Book' handphone boleh simpan nombor kan?

Tapi, memang kalau dulu, aku tak pernah terfikir pun yang medium Facebook boleh jadi ruang untuk berkempen bagi calon pilihanraya kampus...huhu

mungkin ledakan penggunaan Facebook dari kalangan student U menjadikan ia mudah, teramat mudah untuk spread the information across through the medium. Kalau time aku dulu, mungkin la Friendster, e-mail, SMS dan blog jadi pilihan... tapi, aku still on the old fashion ways, fliers...wakakaka =D!!

But, I'm never a big fan of Campus Election... Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against them, it's a good way to teach students about how democracy system's works...

Tapi, perlaksanaannya oleh beberapa pihak yang terlibat, selalu memutuskan selera aku untuk mengikutinya dengan lebih serius...

I don't know just for how long already the tense and conflict among campus political parties had go on... Maybe it's at its top during the reformation era, but the truth is, I couldn't care less... Campus Elections should have always stay for one reason, the students! Never put outside influence into it, coz they can't care less too!

The problem with today Campus Election (or maybe the old days too) is that the spirit had gone, or worse, twisted! They fought for ideologies that I can't see where are their directions, not to mentions all the dirty tactics and the foolish one...

It's become more like a two sport's teams fighting... something like an old rivalry between Man Utd and Liverpool, for an example. They want to win, at all cost, without actually know what the meaning of those wins really are for (or doesn't care about it)! It's like two siblings fighting just for the sake of fighting itself! They don't fought for the sake of students and all their worth anymore! They don't fight because there must've been something to be done at all... they fight just because of the sake of fighting! It's like good vs evil. positive vs negative... in every aspects of life, there should've been a fight, therefore, let's fight on election! Yeah, that is what they truly are and for, the campus political parties!

One side give their manifeiestos, with all the fancy words, promises, even at something tempting to the general students, even though without those thing, they (students) still won't care less... They come with the hate speech towards each other (to whom political party are different than them), either directly or indirectly, in fliers or in the party's bulletins. At times, threat being used to scare the weak students... The objectives of their method are to make students forget, that the real power are being hold by them, to imply fear on them with the like of threatening to kick them out from college etc(do they know, college depends on them for their money/fees??) to get their votes

General students, on the other side, divided to three parties at least! The one that support one of the parties, the one who been scared by their tactics, and the one who can't care less about the whole fucking thing! So, the political parties, know very well that they cannot change the third side of the general students, so, they turn they attention to those weak students, which happen to be most of it from the first year student... (yeah, sad lads...)

They're confuse, scared, homesick, experiencing culture shock and still couldn't get grip of their campus live. So, they're basically a sitting duck, easy and exposed targets. Give 'em hell a lil' bit, and they gonna be your midnite supper! (wohoho!!)

So, for the sake of protecting their easy targets, more foolish strategies been played out. Then we see, during the election periods, from the starting of the campaign, candidate registration and the voting day to the result night, we found ourselves with extra Pak Guard and Mak Guard around the colleges. Here are the examples of foolish (for me) strategies that've been played out with their own pros and cons...

1. Impliment of extra guards
Pros: It helps reducing theft and burglaring around college, which is good if they stay guarding till the end of the sem...
Cons: They want to avoid opposite party from spreading their flyers around the college, but the truth is, students are smart enough to bring those flyers in their bags, so, their acts actually didn't served their objectives

2. Preventing the opposition's fliers to come in to their colleges
Pros: Making students' room less with the garbages, help in perserving blocks tidiness
Cons: Students still can find the fliers elsewhere (i.e. Facultiess prayer's room, library, etc...), so again, their act didn't served their objectives

3. Permission for one side to have a public meeting with the students, while the oppositions didn't get the same opportunity
Pros: Help students from wasting more time than they already had if the opposition being given the same permissions
Cons: Make students wonder why did they're so double standard, and in the end help the opposition to get symphaty vote... again, didn't served their objectives, lol!

4. Make a comparison with the 'supposedly better IQs student' in medical faculty/college which happens to vote for their party
Pros: Help gain confidence from other students that they make a brilliant choice by voting the same party that the medical students vote for... hey, they're studying med, they should be some sort of genius, right?
Cons: Make people like me, who think they're better or more genius than those meds students, to feel like we're following them if we make the same decisions, thus, we vote for the oppositions coz we thought we're smarter and cooler that way... Lol!

5. Give away their party's candidates numbers to be memorized by their targets...
Pros: Students can have something to memorized to (cause, nowadays, we didn't even memorized phone numbers)
Cons: Sometimes, we vote for the 'other' numbers than what we've been memorized for, just for fun!

6. Put up posters...
Pros: Well, at least for me, its served as a very good (Taekwondo) target practice, beside, we can take a look for some cute candidates =D
Cons: They don't give away phone numbers of those cute candidates =((

How the Campus Election should've been run

1. Skip all the biased/double standard practise on different party. No College administration should interfere with election progress

2. Have no political party at all! Everyone run for themselves (every man for their own! lol!!). If you couldn't manage your time to study, stay away from being a candidate or some sort of election's engine!!

3. Don't stop fliers going around... it's fun to read those things, actually (no matter which side it was from...)

4. Give direct and clear intention in manifiestos! Wtf is student aspirations or philosophies? Tell us what good it's gonna bring if we give you our vote?

5. Yes, we don't care either there are public speech or debates been hold or not, we don't care who actually win, we just care that we've got what we deserved and paid for from the U administration!

What should Election's candidates fight for?

1. Depends on who you are represent of. If you are faculty candidate, just care about all the matter that involved your faculty STUDENTS. Don't butt in in the thing that doesn't concern your faculty students at all!!

2. If you wanna fight for students, therefore you should represent students interest for all the time, take their complaint and criticism to your heart for you to work better! Don't expect any thanks at all cause, before you registered for it, you should know wtf to expect if you got elected! Works, works and more works with some complaints and criticism in between!

3. Once you've won, and get the post on students council, DO YOUR JOB FOR THE FELLOW STUDENTS for fuck sake!! Not the admin!!

4. Hear, and act accordingly for the interest of the students... we don't care about U administration/chancellery excuse for this issue or/and that issue, we want solutions!!

5. Fight for a better study environment and infrastructures! Made every penny we paid as valuable in every aspect of our student's live! We are the CLIENTS!!

The reallity

Once they got the post, they :

1. Getting excited about it, going around to look as busy as they can, still giving promises to improve things around the area that they've just won or the post that they've just being promoted to...

2. They getting used about it, getting used to the administration that they should work with (i.e, Student's council Sports representative will get used with the Sport Center officer, Faculty representative will get used with faculty administration and so on...).

3. After getting used with those "higher-ups", they started to take side... (guess which side? huhu)

4. After taking sides, they won't fight things so hard anymore coz there's no point in it...

5. They realized by being a candidates, they more often than not, left their studies behind, therefore, they have so much catch up to do, that they don't care anymore about their position...

6. They get back to their old life as a mere students, and we (the voters) will find that actually we have to work for ourselves whenever injustice happen towards us from the admin... (lol)

so, what's the point of getting all work up for the election??

Of course, not all of the candidates will do this sort of things, there are those, I want to believe , are sincere to run for it, and give a good leadership needed by the students, to let their voice out loud!

The thing is, we should elect our leader for his capabality, not because of his/her political party, but more on what are their stand for and their willingness and sincerity to work for the students. Candidates should have guts to point out their own philosophies and political views and stand without fear from their party pressure! They should work for the sake of students, for their own better achievements and conditions, not their party or admin...

The truth is, we pay for our study in U, therefore, we expect that our payment can bring us a very good educations and life experiences as long as we're studying on the U!

We don't give a damn about your own politics game (between two parties!)

As for me, during my study years, the things that I can only care about are that I can go to class, study well, could pay for my fees and my foods, and can train Taekwondo well... As long as there are nothing in the way for me to doing this, I'll not gonna run for the elections, lol!!

FYI, I am a registered voter for my U before and also for my country! I go out to vote, therefore, I view myself as having a right to have a say about politics (in my previous U and in our country). For me, if you don't vote, your opinions are doesn't matter, therefore it will be wise for you to shut up... if you vote, but make it a foul vote, you're still in the same boat with the non-voters!

So, think before you vote!

T/t: If campus politics/electiions is anything to reflect to our future politics, then we are in no hope...


  1. anti pilihanraya kampus!!!
    semua calon sama jek
    lepas p'raya menghilang entah ke mana

  2. i dunt give a damn bout the election.use-less.menyusahkan jer ko taw..boringggg~


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