Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why did I Think Arsenal Won't Win (tonite)

Becoz they can't f*cking cross the ball!!

-they lack of third ball in penalty area last time they fought Chelsea, all their crosses were won by Chelsea defenders.

-no one in their squad have a physical appearance to challenge a high ball... except Bendtnerwho hardly start the match! LOL!

But, a draw would do! Glory Glory Arsenal!! (wait, it's not your chant? Gunners?)


  1. kalah dah..ngn chelsea.argghhhh..benci aku chelsea menang! tp caya ar ManU menang 5-0 ngan Portsmouth.naik la byk point.Kejar chelshit tuh..dengki sgt ngn ManU

  2. United ada kelebihan gol at least, Chelsea yet to come to OT, hehehe =D

  3. syg nya aku x follow smpi abzi game ManU last week. Lagi 5 min nk abiz dah balik.ngantok x bleh blah..uhuhu...


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