Friday, March 25, 2011

The Tales of a 'Shit' of Paper...

Of PRK and Sarawak's PRU.

It's a cycle of every 5 years. Repeated, of course. The main objective is simple. The word behind it is 'democracy'. The philosophy behind it, however, is... greed!

Over 5 years, one man stay in power. Making decision and using the money to double his own. Making promises and policies at the cost of their own people. The very group they sworn to serve of.

They did a simple deed. To the simple group of people. The group of people who will not, and can not resist their help. The duration of their deed is fix. only for about a fortnight or so on every half of decade.

Then the people whom they had helped, feeling grateful and trustful from the promises of the man in power, mark the sacred 'X'. On that 'shit' of paper. Give 'em a lifeline on their power of which they treat it corruptly. The only thing they think of is their own stomach. Sold out their very own children's future...

Now, they will stay in power, sucking life of their people. People who seek for the change, can only look at their reflection. Having no choice, no support, and no road left. What is left now is to curse their very own group's ignorant and luck. For them had taken for granted their right to vote... properly!

Welcome to the democracy, Malaysian's style!!

T/t: I was so far LEFT even death looks RIGHT!

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