Monday, March 28, 2011

How To Plan Your Work...

Hey there,

Now that you are reading this, surely you don't have anything worthwhile to do right now. How else can you explain yourself reading this all-about-bull-shit blog that you're reading now? ha-HA!

Ok, since you're already start reading, I will make up for your wasted time and actually write something useful. [Ignoring the fact that I always wrote something useful, you just need to find a way to actually 'used' it...] So, as the title read, here are some tips or methods that I usually used when planning my work... If you like messiness just like all the Barcelona fan [ironic, right? Messiness=Messi, LOL <---lame joke], then surf away, NOW!!

Ok, I don't know about you guys, but I travel for about 1 hour on daily basis from home to work. Yeah, one hour spend in the traffic jam every day really cut your appetite for a jam toast. Not relevant? It is for me! So, back to our topic, yeah, I'm usually used that one hour properly to plan out my entire working day for that particular day, given that if I didn't used that one hour to just sing and head-banging along with the songs from my car's mp3, or swear at the never-used-signal-to-turn-or-change-lane road user, that is!

You know, the first rule is to always know how much time do you have on your workplace every day. I know there were 8-9 hours of working hour, but that is 'working hour', not 'ACTUAL working hour', right? So, how to calculate the actual time you spend for your work every day is, minus the 'working hour' with the time you spend to go to the toilet, used the toilet, go to the cafeteria, eat, drink and gossiping, time you spend to run away from your boss and last but not least, all the time that you pretend that you're busy working while actually doing something else like playing Facebook, write a blog's entry or/and reading a blog entry...

Wait, don't go yet... We still have many grounds to cover...

Now that you know your 'ACTUAL working hour', all you need to do now is to cramp all the things that are on your mind during the time of your travel to work on that time-space[Actual Working Hour]. It's nice to list out "things to-do". If you can't arrange them according to their priority, then just arrange them according to their annoy-ity, with the less annoying task would be on the top of the list! That way you know you'll be more spirited to start your day, or at least you know that you can at least finish up one simple task on that day!

Wheew... the satisfaction feeling of thinking that you're actually being paid for something you DO!

Now, for those who are a slow learner, let me put this into perspective. The less annoying the easiest task one can do on their workplace is usually something that related to yourself and yourself only. The simple example is to tidy up your desk. Yes, that actually count into your  to-do list (if you ever have one)!!

The next simpler thing to do is to read and replying email accordingly, especially those that've been sent by your friends about shocking news of another friend, or about some cute pictures or a chain mail that need urgent reply. Then you can update your Facebook status, merely about what you wear to the office, or about the traffic, or about how heartless your boss is. Then, you can maybe make some phone call, if you need to. If not, then you can start pick up tasks that need you to do some discussion or work with your team. Make sure this is also being planned out by their priority annoy-ity. So, the task about where is the spot for today's lunch and who will drive all the guys there on that day will be the utmost priority and the task of about checking error in some of the previous reports can be delay until you've been given an extended dead line by your boss [he usually does!].

Once these tasks were duly fulfill, you can look onto more serious matter such as making those reports or/and finish up what had first been piled on your desk at the first place...

That's given, if you're still have any 'working hour' left, of course...

T/t: Sometimes you might just have find a place that remind you of home. If it doesn't feel like home, you can do what I do, just pretend you don't feel so alone!

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