Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going to South Africa? Now it's this easy!!

43 days to World Cup South Africa 2010... dub dab dub dab!!

I heard that even the final tickets isn't yet sold out, so, there's still a last minute plan to go there this summer! (not that Malaysia has a summer to begin with :p)

So, how to go to SA?

There's two ways!

First, make some sort of budget arrangement for flights, hotels, transportation and tickets... Not to mention all the food and beverages...

Second, buy Coca-Cola!!

Yeah, you heard it right!!

Check out the cap to reveal the code, so you can redeem your prize accordingly...

Ok, I'm on my way to McD now... any order??

Owh, by the way, if you get 'GOL' cap's code, don't forget to invite me, k :p

Before I go, here something Jarr might like it...

T/t: Now, how long dose it takes to make a passport??


  1. nak datang ambikla, hehe...

    ada lagi sejibik yg sama...


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