Thursday, April 8, 2010


Koleksi ayat-ayat klasik dalam dunia bola sepak minggu ini...

Ayat Maut Abad Ini: Wayne Rooney yang cedera, bermain sebelahkaki jelas lebih berguna dan merbahaya dari Berba yang sehat, Bayangkan Barcelona tanpa Messi...


Ayat Maut Abad Ini II: Chelsea were outplayed by Inter, Arsenal were outplayed by Barcelona, United were outplayed (just) by Bayern, and Liverpool were outplayed by everyone.


Ayat Kelakar Abad Ini : Cassilass (RM=Ringgit Malaysia Goalkeeper) talk down el-classico, "The winner's position on the table will be strengthened, but the league is still far from over," 


who he's kidding? whoever won classico, won the La 'two-horse race' Liga... as simple as that!! LOL

T/t: we won the game, but lost the match! Good Luck Bayern! But we'll never forget what happen in Munich (vs Fiorentina)... Lucky, lucky Bayern!

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  1. for the second year in the row, United've been knock out by a team that shouldn't been played there at the first place... remember Chelsea vs Barca with about 4 clear penalties ruled out even on the stoppage time? Barca shouldn't even playing in the final, yet won it against us...

    and now, what I've always heard is everyone are backing United, United had conspiracies going on, etc, etc... hear the fact, we were hard done too!!


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