Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A movie worth watching... not once, not twice, but  A Thousand Times!!! :p

Controversy regarding the story, read here.

Who is Jimmy Murphy?

Sir Matt Busby famous quotes...

Busby Babes Last and Finest League Game

Sir Bobby Charlton post-Munich

The film, through it's leading actor, Jack O'Connell

Bill Shankly on Sir Matt:
"How would you like to be manager of the best club in the country?" Shankly replied, "Why? Is Matt Busby packing it in?" (when being approached by a Liverpool director to be offered the vacant manager's job at Liverpool).

"I'm not fit to polish Busby's shoes" [ref: http://ryankett.hubpages.com/hub/Sir-Matt-Busby-Quotes]

T/t: How we are in the future will be founded on how we behave today... - Jimmy Murphy [citation needed]

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