Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ideal Plan For A Working Day

What SHOULD happen...

5.00 AM : Wake up, wash the face and brush the teeth.

5.15 AM : Go for a 30 minutes morning jogging

5.45 - 6.15 AM : Take a bath, prepare to go to work, perform prayer, have a cup of coffee

6.30 AM : Drive to work

7.15 AM : Arrived at office, have a breakfast at the office cafe.

8.00 AM - 5.00 PM : Work

5.15 AM : Drive home from work / go for household shopping / personal-care shopping

6.45 PM : Arrived at home, take a bath

7.00 PM - 10.00 PM : Perform prayer, have a dinner, rest and watch the TV, surf some internet/FB/Blogging

10.00 PM : Sleep...


What's really happen...

6.15 AM : Alarm buzzing, hit the snoozing button!

6.30 AM : Realized I will be late, take an express bath, brush some teeth, express prayer, and rushing-ly prepare to work.

6.59 AM : Drive to work, at the nick of time to just avoid the heavier traffic jam...

7.50 AM : Arrive at the office, 100 meter sprint to catch the punch clock.

8.00 AM : Can't start working with empty stomach, so head to the cafe for the breakfast [the most important meal of the day...]

8.45 AM - 5.00 PM : Working [Internet surfing, blog-walking, Facebooking, Fantasy Football team updating...]

5.30 PM - 6.15 PM : Drive home from office

6.15 PM - 7. 15 PM : Evening 'power' nap... [only awake when a housemate remind for the Maghrib prayer...]

7.30 PM : Wash myself, going out for dinner.

9.00 PM : watching TV, play some computer games, more internet surfing, blog-walking, facebooking, blogging, and You Tubing...

1.30 AM : Sleep...

T/t: Demi masa...

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