Sunday, December 19, 2010


No small thanks to Azx and Floe Ferarri...

Name : talkIZcheap! (it's all ya need to know...)
Full name : Bukan Nama Sebenar
Sibling(s): ramai
Eye colour : hitam untuk anak mata, putih untuk yang sekelilingnya, kecuali kalau mengantuk, dia jadi merah 'berpeluh-peluh',,,
Shoe size : 8, err, 7... er, 9? 6 kadang-kadang... entah, ikut size UK ke US ni??
Hair : Short
Height : 169.5764321cm
What are you wearing right now : Pakaian yang menutup aurat...
Favourite number :  7 (Eric 'the King' Cantona, of course)
Favourite drink : Nescaffe, Necaffe Original, Necaffe Original, dan ooh, tak lupa juga kepada... Necaffe Original!
Favourite month : the 13th Month...
Favourite breakfast : yang free

.Have you ever.
Broken a bonemines or others?
Been in a police car : not that I can remember, wait, lemme think... hurmm, nope, still no...
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : NO! I never fall, I always win!! Wait, what did you mean by "that's not answering the question"?
Swam in the ocean : I can't swim! *enhem! -bangga*
Fallen asleep in school : I even fallen asleep in the office!!

Broken someone's heartI used to break some planks, but heart? How did you break a heart? Unless you break the rib first but still... heart is pretty soft, its hard to break soft things, I mean,  boleh ke kita 'pecahkan' bantal, contohnya, kan? What? That's not the question mean? Then what its mean?

Cried when someone died : yeah... But it's understandable... Third Hokage's death is pretty sad...

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Sat by the phone all night waiting for the alarm to buzz...

Saved e-mails : work related, wajib dowh, ISO kind of thing...

Been cheated on : selalu lar, kalau time main dOTA tu, budak-budak ni kata nak attack sama-sama, sekali datang team lawan, diorang lari tinggalkan aku sorang-sorang terkontang -kanting...

Your room look like : I don't have a room... oh, you mean the one at 'kampung' ke? Look like a garage (it is actually WAS a garage...)
What is right beside you : udara...
What is the last thing you ate : Nasik Goreng Sea Food, Rm 5.00

.Ever Had.
Chicken pox : check!
Sore throat : setiap selepas Taekwondo Tournament dan Final Piala Malaysia hari tuh... huhu
Stitches : tak jantan lar kalau takde stitches!!

.Do You.
Believe in love at first sight : I'm not sure myself either I even believe in love...huhu!
Like picnics? : boleh la...

Who did you last yell at? : Ucop!
Who was the last person you danced with? : myself... wait, this is a trick question, eh?
Who last made you smile? : Park Ji Sung

.Final Questions.
What are you listening to right now? : my full list of Mp3, basically consist of My Chemical Romance and Sum 41 (up to now), specifically when I'm typing this is "Open Your Eyes"- Sum 41

What did you do today? : Tidur, bangun, melalak, pergi majlis bertunang ex-housemate kat Jalan Semarak, pergi jalan-jalan Key EiiL, balik sambung tidur, main Facebook, pergi makan, tengok bola, balik sambung main Facebook dan jawab benda alah ni....

Are you the oldest? : nahh..i'm the second (copy-paste Azx :p)
Indoors or outdoors? : 3 Doors Down!

.Last person who.
You talked to on the phone ? : Mak gua...
Made you cry? : myself
You went to the mall with ? : dengan siapa-siapa yang ajak (kalau boleh tolong lar belanja sekali...)
Who cheered you up ? : Manchester United, and you guys too heh heh (ambik hati :p)

.Have you.
Been to Mexico ? : I'm only cross the border once... to Sg Golok!
Been to USA ? : see above

What books are you reading right now? : Facebook! It's still a 'book', right?

Best feeling in the world? : the feeling that you felt when you know something goes on your way after you're sweating on it, or the feeling of finally feel alive after a near death experience, or the feeling of hard-work's sweat running through your body... Sometime the feeling when Manchester United win a match, especially when they have to come back from behind and won it at the last gasp of the game... I know what the name of the feeling now! 
It's called the feeling of SUCCESS!!

Future kids name? : Futurama!

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : Setan merah satu, ular hijau satu dan Barnie... Semua tu Dain punya, tapi kadang-kadang aku terpaksa pinjam buat bantal... Aku takde bantal, dowh...

What's under your bed? : I don't have bed... Oh, you mean the one at kampung? It will take us another blog to write about it, believe me!
Favourite sport (s) : the one that I'm good at! keh keh!!
Favourite place : somewhere I belong
Who do you really hate? : haters!
Do you have a job? : kinda.. I think so,... well, maybe I do...huhu
What time is it now? :1:43 AM, owh... shit!

p/s : with however long it took you to complete this, post as "banyak tanya be... owh, tak perasan tadi... 

Gua tag semua, siapa-siapa yang baca benda nih, gua tak kira!! 

Kalau lu tak buat, maknanya lu takde kotey

Kalau lu perempuan, lu nasib baik!!

T/t: Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies... Across this new divide!

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