Monday, May 23, 2011

Man Utd Awards for Barclay Premier League 2010/11

Best Home Record: 18 wins 1 Draw, 55 points
Most Goal : 78
League Top Scorer: Dimitar Berbatov (20)
League Top Assist: Nani (18)
Most Win: 23

Average Goal Scored: 2.05 goals per match
'Half-Time' League Position: 1st

Manager of the season: Sir Alex Ferguson
Player of the Season: Nemanja Vidic (team captain)

 Position: CHAMP19N!!

Owen ialah penghinaan terbesar Man Utd terhadap Liverpool :P


  1. Owen tak hina sesiapa. Dia sendiri mengaku ' If you can't beat them, join them'. Bekas hero Liverpool yang satu2nya yang ada medal premier league..the only ship that hasn't docked yet at Liverpool is Premiership

  2. thanx for the comment, and welcome to the !Trash Talk!...

    once you get grip of it, you'll know why I wrote what I've wrote :p


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