Sunday, May 15, 2011

Knock Manchester United Off Their Fucking Perch!!

It took the man who said the exact words to the Liverpool, 25 years to fulfill his words! And it isn't until his fourth season with the Red Devils that he actually won something to start his long journey to knock Liverpool off their fucking perch!

Arsenal and Aston Villa boost more League title than United at that time, even for them, to equal, let alone surpass Liverpool league title record is almost impossible, but then, a Scottish manager, who did tremendously in Scottish League, with minor Aberdeen, had come to the English League and declare such a bold statement...

But one can forgive Ferguson at the moment, I guess... He is/was(?), after all, managing a side which break the dominance of Rangers and Celtic in Scottish League. He also won the European cup with them, beating Real Madrid for it!

But now, on May 5th 2011, after 25 years later, someone actually did knock Liverpool off, and it's come from the man who first declare the challenge on himself!

Off course, Liverpool still hold the English record for European title, but that's only served the Scott with more motivation to go on.... Something most of the managers in English football and European football certainly didn't look forward much with interest on...

record's breaking title!!

Now, the question is, who will knock Manchester United off their perch? Will there be a new, almost unknown manager, who will have the guts to declare it, as how the young Alex did before, 25 years ago? Will then the man, if there are any, will give the times that Fergie had ludicrously, in his early time in rebuilding his team? Will any of his board members and coaching staff and also their players and fans share the same dream and purpose as he will?

Only time will tell... And I am, with all honesty, hoping there will be someone who dare enough to declare this, "to knock Manchester United off their fucking perch!"

Then, it will be an interesting story...

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Off course, it shouldn't take Liverpool that long to knock Man Utd off their fucking perch... aren't they??

the Gaffer had made it!!

T/t: come back when you have 19.... [I know, I know, it's cliche, but, who can help it??]

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