Monday, April 11, 2011


Time For Fucking Disgrace

First, I had to cancel a plan with friends because I had to send my dad to the airport, and they doesn't sound so good about it. That was an ungrateful fucking disgrace!... Then, I had to drive almost all day from Damansara-Subang-Damansara-Shah Alam-Subang-Shah Alam-Ampang-Bangi, with occasionally lost in between navigation. That was a tiring fucking disgrace... Then, I had to top up my phone balance because I used it up for GPS while navigating those areas mentioned above. That was a waste-of-money fucking disgrace!... Then, I had to choose between watching a Manchester United match or go to a friend's surprise party. That was a mistimed fucking disgrace... Then a friend doesn't sound so happy that I'm running late for the party without taking into account I've drove all day already. That was an undeserving fucking disgrace! 

Then, my car had been thrown with flour for the prank I didn't make even though I had to take a sunbathe to clean it on THAT afternoon. 

That... that was a...

T/t: original idea are from here...

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