Friday, February 4, 2011

The Interrogative Mood

What is the biggest conflict one has to endure for his or her entire life? Was that the decision to either trust somebody/something or distrust them? Was it to choose between two path which contradict each other but at the same time promised their own pros and cons? Have you ever face such situation?

Was it so hard to be pure? To your own emotion? To others reaction? Was it so hard to admit our mistakes? Was it so hard to admit that the things we hate the most were most probably what make us, ourselves, anyway? Or are we too blind to even realized this?

What's the meaning of pure anyway? Was it the originality that we brought upon us? How original actually that can be considered as original? How pure is pure actually is? And the biggest question of it maybe, how important that it is really are? Why did we need to judge a person by his originality, having bare in mind that we ourselves was far from being original ourselves?

We are what we eat, aren't we? We are what we read, aren't we? And we are what we felt, aren't we? But still, we can't answer what is our need, do we? If we are so original, surely it wasn't hard to answer this, aren't we? After all, we are who we are, right?

But then again, where did you put universe in the equation of who you really are? What about the outside factors, such as environmental factors that play a big part in evolution of the species, stand out? The environmental factors can have a major impact on our blue print, the DNA, then surely it can affect our personality as well, did it?

If everybody else being experienced the same factors as we are, then who the hell are we to question others originality? If what they are make who they are, then surely they were being genuine to themselves, aren't they? Therefore it makes them original by they own standard, do they?

So, why the substandard question that we ask everybody around, including ourselves, to be true to ourself, while we ourself couldn't really explain what it is all about?

Why we have to be ourselves if hypocrite is what we actually are?

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