Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"It's one of the best, if not the best, club in Europe." --- 4 years ago.

"The target for every player is to play for one of the tops clubs in the world and I can do it NOW, so I'm very HAPPY" ---- 4 years later.

*ada macam Happy Warrior tak?*

Everybody knows that if you play football, in England, if you want to win major trophies, you go to Manchester United, if you want to win some odd trophies and some bulk, you go to Chelsea, and if you don't want to win trophy but want to make a load of money, you go to Manchester City, and if you don't want either of it, you go to Arsenal...

Nobody in his right mind will go to Liverpool, unless they've been living in the 80s!

And Torres dare to speak about winning ambition, winning trophies before he signed for Liverpool FC. Everybody on their right mind back then can see this move (to Chelsea) today would inevitably happen...

To make thing worst for the KOP's fan, the once their prodigal son not only goes back to his own words by describing Chelsea, a mere club which never won the European glory as the 'tops clubs', but also the fact that Torres played badly recently in their 'famous' red shirt and seems uncontent to be around, and then came out and make that remarks (that he is HAPPY now), will surely go down to their nerves...

But it's not the end of the world... YET!

Torres will most probably been facing them at Stamford Bridge in Chelsea's blue color, a side which had been defeated thanks to Torres brace in the reverse fixture for this weekend, earlier in the season. And it's give a question mark over Liverpool ability to overpower Chelsea.

Sure they have new striker in Luiz Suarez but he is everything but tested in English game. If he can make an instant impact, then it's surely can play right to Liverpool hand, but the fact that they are about to face the rejuvenate Chelsea side, empowered by Torres, Suarez must hope he make a debut rather later...

It will go down to wire, I guess, the Sunday's clash, and it will proved one side is right and the other is wrong...

Either Torres is right about Chelsea as a top side and Liverpool are not, or Daglish is right that's no player is bigger than the club!

Either way, I think Torres had make a mistake long ago when  he snub United for Liverpool. Good luck crawling back to the top, El Nino!

T/t: meanwhile, Rooney start firing, and... Park is Back!!

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