Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Taekwondo Romance: Taekwondo is My Wife

Taekwondo is my life wife!

Q: At a scale from 0 - 10, how important is Taekwondo for you?

tIc: 12!

Q: Did you play any other sport?

tIc: Futsal, but non-competitive. Occasionally my housemate ask me to join them for badminton, but that wasn't really my strong area.

Q: How did you rate both sport, Taekwondo and Futsal?

Here is my answer;

Futsal is like a hot scandal that you have. She's all young and pretty with a smoking hot body, all what a man would ask for! It's thrilling, fun and offer something else that your wife couldn't. It is as if an escape route for you to feel some kind of adventure after a bored day at work.

Taekwondo however is like a wife! She's maybe not as hot or as pretty as your scandal, but she's perfect for you. She's maybe not as thrilling as your scandal, but she fulfill you! She's the one you turn on to when you need someone to share something with, happiness or grieve. She's the one you thinking of at the end of the day, the one you sacrifice yourself for the sake of both of you!

Scandal maybe fun, but you know it wasn't last. But a wife is someone that you want to spend your entire life with her. In fact, you want to grow old and die together, and live again together in hereafter.

I want to go further down the Taekwondo road, as far as I can, God-willing. But not futsal, it's just for fun. It's good as long as it last, but won't be forever.

Taekwondo is different. I'm looking forward for a day when me and my friends will gathered to play futsal, but I know at the end of the day, everyday, that I have Taekwondo to accompany me for the rest of my life. That's one thing they can never take away from me. At the end of the day, I'm thinking about Taekwondo. I want to do Taekwondo. Train it, improved it, and understand it philosophies...

Taekwondo is the way of life, something futsal, or football, will never be!

T/t: cha ryuhtkyung nae, choon bi, seijak!

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