Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Taekwondo Romance: The 4th...

I remember the first punch like it's was yesterday,
The start of my journey to the Foot and Fist Way,
So many that I've thrown that I stop count at ten,
I punch like a million more since then.

I also remember the First Dan Grading,
From basic to sparring and finish with breaking,
Every steps I remembered and the feeling still breathtaking,
It mark a journey that had just starting.

2nd Dan was also so memorable,
It's first in UKM and it's even harder,
Breaking the plank that were even thicker,
But breaking the spirit it wasn't coz it's getting stronger.

3rd Dan was after I'm finishing school,
Learning my way on the adulthood,
Better understanding of the way of the art,
Learning to unlearn and filling up the heart.

In a week from now,
I'm gonna go for the 4th,
Keep training on how and how,
Hoping that I can go with the force.

Practice make perfect,
but we don't practice to be perfect,
We practice to do well,
Coz it's how we adapt.

T/t: Just because I've been here for 14 years,
Doesn't mean I can't feel nervous!

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