Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Edisi Lewat - Rangkuman Bola Sepak Malaysia 2011

Oh Hello, babeyh! We meet again for the usual dose of good-for-nothing-football-info!

So, the curtain fall on Malaysia Soccer League (Somehow we used soccer despite we're once under the flagship of Britain, rather than the Americans...) when Negeri Sembilan dramatically come back from behind and beat Terengganu Kite, 2-1 in the final of Piala Hai-O Malaysia! And here in our later-than-usual Late Edition, talkIZcheap! is trying to look back on his so-called prediction that you can read it all over again here.

So, what has come true and what's not? The one that has come true will get the usual reamrk, "I've told you so!" and the not, well, you can have your unusual laugh on talkIZcheap! while he still doesn't care... hahaha-HA!

Prediction 1: Penggunaan 'vuvuzela' dan pen laser yang semakin meluas, dengan peminat-peminat Kelantan yang akan menjadi kambing hitam pertama! 

tIc: Well, my first prediction is half right, and almost another half right. The only exception is, nobody blame anybody on vuvuzelas and laser thing! Very unlike Malaysians...

Prediction 2: Kelantan akan menang satu atau lebih Piala musim ini dengan tumpuan diberikan kepada Liga Super.

tIc: I've told you so!

Prediction 3: Pemain-pemain utama pasukan Kebangsaan akan menerima tawaran bermain di luar negara...

tIc: Safee Sali, of course, Safiq Rahim, Badrol Bakhtiar, tawaran dari kelab Inggeris, Mat Yo juga dikhabarkan mendapat beberapa tawaran... I've told you so!

pembaca: Woih! Safiq Rahim semua tu dapat pergi training jer lah!

tIc: Let's not make a small thing a big deal, will cha?? :p

pembaca: habis tu, yang "...dan segera pulang kerana tidak tahan dengan provokasi dan tekanan liga di sana...

tIc: ok la, ok la... They just go for training and come back because there is no chance in hell Malaysia could improve their ranking and made this players available for top Europe league's clubs... huhu

Prediction 4: Khairul Fahmi diapproach oleh Sir Alex, bla, bla, blah...

tIc: Ok, it seems, the only one that approach him this season is Dahlia Teck and off-field controversies!

Prediction 5: FAIL

Prediction 6: FAIL!

Prediction 7: Almost, but no cigar... (wait, this one wasn't Malaysia Soccer, but who can tell??)

OK, that's all for this season. On the mean time, enjoy yourself on SEA Game where the Young Tiger is competing to fend on the Gold Medal won two years ago. We start slowly with the draw with Singaporeans, but hey, we also get beaten 5-0 by Indonesia on our opening game for AFF Cup, and what's happen next is anybody guess! :p

So, my prediction for SEA Game: Malaysia to go to the final, but win? Still not convince yet, better wait for the next game... ha-HA!

Owh, by the way, Piala Emas Raja-Raja will start soon too. Give your undivided support to The Red Warriors!!

T/t: nanananana~ Ganung Kitee!

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