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Sweet 16

The Star (16/11): Juvenile escape gallows over murder of classmate

MIRI: Three students from a school in Bintulu who kicked and punched to death a fellow classmate during a ragging-bullying incident three years ago were yesterday convicted of murder by the Bintulu High Court.

The three boys, however, escaped the gallows because they were juveniles, aged 16, when they committed the offence.

Now, it's often said for the form four students (age 16) in Malaysia that they are in the 'honeymoon' years, since they were just after their big PMR exam and just before their other even bigger SPM exam. The term 'honeymoon' make them even wilder in their school life. I'm not saying the real/outside-school life coz there, they might as well a different person at all, but at school, the 'wild' hormone of teenager is filling up through their vein...

At my years as a boarding school student, this is a typical case, a yearly scenario when a lad, that is everything associate with the goodness can turn in a night time to be everything that associate with the evilness. Everytime some batch turn 16 or come to their form 4 years, everything will be expected to change... FOR WORSE!

It's a rare case when a boy come to his 16 and became an angel. That's happen a year before or a year after, when they have to face a big exam, but not  during the honeymoon year. This is the time to play, to flirt, to party through a year, to rebel, to build an identity as the one to look up, as a leader of the underworld...

Actually, during the 15s, the hormone started to grow. When you live with the same bunch of kids through a year, days in and days out, you tend to notice their change. Especially boys. The environment would teach them to become what the senior want them to be, even that's mean you lost all your dignity and ability to process the good from the right. I remembered they have a name for this. It's called the brotherhood. Maybe the brotherhood of blood, cause once you break it for a mere reason, you'll get bleed.

ha-HA! to them...

I never understand this so-called 'brotherhood' cause it's always a one way relationship. It's always favour the senior!

The case of above mentioned actually happen when the raging hormone are actually already out-of-control. One can defend that it's not happen on everyday basis. But is it really is?

No. It's actually happen almost on daily basis, just the intensity of the occurrence might not always end up with someone got killed. The killing happen when you're ignorance about the human body. You did not know how fragile it is. It is covered with so many weak spot that even a swift blow can kill you!

When this kids start hitting their victim, they thought that gang-hitting was nothing, that the boy which they were hitting will felt nothing but just a fear. That they thought if they can stand the blow, their victim will so. They thought that whatever pain they felt because of the victim or the surrounding around them inflict on them, must be felted back by the victim. They thought that all bruise is nothing and can be cure, the bleed is nothing but a syrup of their own joys, they only thought of their own dissatisfaction and angst towards the victim, they thought of only their own satisfaction in punishing their victim for whatever the victim had caused to them.

They thought that killing is nothing, that no-one will care, no-one will dare to take action upon them, no-one will felt pain of losing their victim life.

No, they actually don't THINK at all!

And that was the sad part...

These teens may have bring things a bit too far in dealing with their 'raging' hormones and their new-teenage's life. But this is what can happen when you let it be. The tradition in boarding school, or the Malay's term 'sekolah berasrama' has to change drastically. The bully's culture weren't supposed to be there anymore. When I leave my school, I thought our batch has done some great job in ensuring it won't go any worse, but by time will tells, who knows? It used to get nasty even some policemen has to come in and launch an investigation after some complains from a neighborhood about the noise of crackers and others from my school at the night when all the form fivers are out for their annual grand dinner. I won't call you a genius if you can guess which form inflict the most damage...

Now, maybe I sound nerdy, but when you have someone in your family who will/just turn 16, take a close look. They tend to become unstable and love freedom more than ever. They think that they were out of responsibility just because they were just pass the big exam in their life. You have to prepare well and of course, it's good to start early, to warn them what will happen if they let the 'raging' hormones take control of them when the 'sweet 16' was around.

They called it 'Sweet 16' for whatever fucking reason, but I don't think being killed by your classmate was anything sweet at all...

And as for me, when I was 16, I was at my lowest point of my life, dispirited and broken young lads... Luckily I let it go and realize it early in my life... ha-HA!

T/t: I'm not the singer that you wanna me be, but a dancer, I refuse to answer...
Talk about the person rolling from the ones who want to get away! Keep Running!

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