Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Road Left [And I Don't Care]

They hate me

They hate my taste of music,
They hate my hobbies,
They hate my accent,
They hate where I'm coming from...

They hate my face,
They hate my choices,
They hate my race,
They hate my football team...

They hate my taste in arts and films,
They even hate my Facebook's status,
They hate knowing me,
And they hate all the things I said...

They hate my driving,
They my country,
They hate my believe,

They just simply hate me...

and I don't like them either!

T/t: Gone haters, gone... Happy Independence Day!


  1. hah!emo...malam malam nak emo...:p

    ehek ehek ehek uhuk!!!

  2. malam2 lat best nak emo... haw haw!!

  3. seronok men kucing ko.. hahah!!~

    dont care to a person like that..


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