Monday, July 25, 2011

A Day To Remember

For me, today's date is best to remember as my anniversary as an official Dan's holder...

It's not an easy beginning for me, a humble one, one should say. I've been write off even before I've started out, even after I've started out. Even the first step faced many hurdles! At times until today, there's still doubt on certain mind. But just like then, now I still don't give a damn...

After all, I've proved them all wrong in the past!

Over the years, it's never getting easy, but it's certainly get more fun! I've kept learning new things. You can say it's build character, but further more, it gives me purposed!

For a special thing and the only thing that I've never felt betrayed by...  Taekwondo, now I am a nine-year-old Dan's holder!!

T/t: ...the rest, be damned!!

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